We are wed! Got hitched at the City Hall, a very amiable ceremony led by the mayor, equally amiable guy. Two office clerks as witnesses, a very relaxed setting. I was glad it went down so well, wouldn’t’ve been the same if there had been anxious family present. After that we got some errands done and got on a bus to Malmo, where I had made reservations at the Hilton. We got a truly grand 16th floor room, what a great view – and cool elevator ride. Wouldn’t mind going there again. No problem with our late check-in, at four o’clock after a visit with Thor, on leave with his new family – i.e. his girlfriend and her two kids (with another one – one year of age) waiting in Austria. I must say he looked incredibly ill at ease, and I don’t think it was all on account of the virus he got. He was always hard to get at, but I never saw him this wooden before. Anyway. We went out for a great dinner at a nearby Steakhouse, then retreated to relax after a shopping-spree. To bed at near midnight, after a great day methinks. ~~~ I didn’t notice the 7-year crisis, well, there was one thing some half a year ago but my recollections come up short so I guess ’twas no big deal after all. It feels all right and true, this relationship, and I must confess to being at ease in and around it any which way. I can’t imagine we’ll end up like one of those couples who sit face to face in a restaurant with nothing to say to each other. If we were thus inclined, that time would’ve come long ago. Friday, December 26th, 2008.

Christmas was okay this year. V’s grandmother on her father’s side wasn’t present to bitch on end, so that added a ton of merry spirit there. And we got them seated down by the dinner table as soon as they got there, her folks and brother, which also made it easier – as her mother didn’t have as much to tend to, thus were able to focus on Henrik. Although her dad only in a few spots looked as if he felt comfortable, not much festive mood there. He even managed to escape the Santa Claus-gig this year, which I dutifully took over, and must say I wouldn’t’ve been without; the little one looked so happy-scared-happy as I’ve ever seen her, all going out of her skin as father Christmas came to call and she got her share, from having been a good girl all year long (yeah right). And I, myself, unwrapped the Nintendo WII and had a game of Tennis on the thing. Felt very much like the real thing, odd as it may have appeared. A bit of company bonus for me, albeit the wrong company. But fully deserved, if I may say so, and it was good to play around with it. Will keep me honest in the new year, I very much hope so. ~~~ Tough luck about the young one getting sick the day after Christmas, she kept us awake with her cough and was not up for much play. Thankfully she managed Christmas Eve well, and the presents – of which there were many – will keep until she’s well. I myself hopped on a train to relocate upstate, to honor my appointment with Claus, tomorrow Saturday in Aalborg. Will enjoy that, plan to check in to the hotel early, get some work done and possibly see some of the city as well, before meeting up with him around 16 for a steak dinner and whatever follows. Glad to keep dad’s car behind this year, going by train. Last time around I didn’t feel all too well the day after, certainly not enough to drive. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.