First regular working day of the year. Has been a long holiday, although I managed – of course – so soften it up by working for a bit. I do feel, though, as if I found my share of rest, and of taking time out to do some stuff I like to do; read a bit, watch a movie, see friends. And that was great. Now it’s back in business. Has been a soft start of the year, but then of course we’re just 5 days in, aren’t we. ~~~ Got a call from a business associate, for whom I’ve never done any work but certainly would like to, as he’s – and his companies – a serious player in information management. I sent him a document with a bit of optically recogized text, of which he’s putting together a presentation for a do-or-die sales-meeting tomorrow. That’s a million-crown deal, mind you, and so I sent some test material. By a whim changed the usual order around, in as much as the output of the original material, which consisted of gothic texts, displayed the machine interpreted text above the original image, as opposed to below, which is standard. I thought it looked rather good, and apparently that was his impression as well. I should find it humorous and a bit contemplative if the deal should go through on account of that little detail. ~~~ Bought a rowing machine and dragged it back via train and bus. I shouldn’t do this to myself anymore, carry something like this around. Heavy shit, and I’m only getting older. I do regard myself in too high an esteem, physically speaking. I haven’t a clue as to my physical age, truth be told. I know I can’t quite carry my own the way I used to, but, hell, I’m not the 57-year old that Nintendo Wii thinks of me. Not very highly, i.e., even after I spent time with the damn thing. The Tennis Game which comes with the console is definitely the coolest game I’ve played for ages. Albeit, come to think of it, I haven’t really played in ages. ~~~ Entertaining thoughts of moving, now that the prices are going down everywhere and an andels(?)-apartment in town is a quarter of a mill and five-thousand each month. That would certainly keep me honest, and the rest of the family, too. And there wouldn’t be all that stuff to do, all that garbage and the garden and things to fix and what not. I have maybe arrived at the realization I’m not a house-person, even though I would suffer without the space and no neighbours next door. I think these kind of decisions must wait until the Summer-time. There’re too many things to fix to sell it now, in the bowels of winther (minus ten this early morning), and I don’t have that kind of energy in me just yet. Let’s see how it goes. Sure it’s a fascinating thought, being the simple-living kind of guy I am. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday, will work from home and enjoy not having to get up at frickin’ 5 o’clock. Am hoping for a quiet day.