With V off to see some girlfriends I had the pleasure of looking after the little one as she had one of her girlfriends over for playtime. A good chance for her to play the host, they had what to me seemed like great fun. There’s been so much talk about one of her other girlfriends, Emma, whom she likes because she’s full of energy and great at coming up with stuff, only she’s hugely competitive and everything has to be about someone getting there first, it’s not really that healthy vibe, and it brings frustration to ours. So it’s good she should get together with other girls, and especially when they’re the ones calling on her (the guest in question, Philippa, even had the guts to call us herself, which I thought was grand), and particularly when it goes down so well. So that’s great indeed. Dennis was home from his weekend in Mads’ company, we went to the Wufu Chinese Restaurant in the evening, on his generous offer. He’s getting quite adept at that Nintendo Wii tennis-game, he kicks my ass every time. It’s good to have someone to play with, V’s not really into the tennis-thing, she prefers the Wii Fit – the fitness program, where she performs all sorts of exercises on a stepping plate which keeps check of her balance – and, to her regret, weight. She’s really into, so that proved a good purchase. Her mother, too, when she was here handing the little one off from the swimming and overnight spending. V tells me they’re in financial dire straits and will have to move sooner rather than later, so I guess this year should prove eventful to them. ~~~ V did her meeting with Nordisk Film about the possibility of her book becoming a screenplay, becoming a movie. Apparently a rather fun meeting with Bubber, danish tv-icon turning his attention to movie-making. Full of fun and a lot of ideas, he and his partner got her going on a short-film which will prove to them her screenplay-going ways. So I installed a screenwriting program on her computer and look forward to (…) tending to her needs in thus regard. I’d better be supportive here (then, when have I not), as I know the rates for a feature length screenplay are decent enough, it would prove a real feather in the cap if she could land that kind of a deal. That’s an incredibly long way from here to then, obviously, so she’s taking it easy and focusing on first things first, which is great. Hope the new style of writing proves inspiring to her. I’m somewhat envious; I should be doing more to complete the screenplay of my own, still only those 93 pages in. But in between work and the firm of my own, there’s simply too little time for those sort of activities I’m afraid. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday, initiates the second working week of the year. Thankfully I was able to get a lot of programming done yesterday, about the only things I’ve done with the firm this year so far, can’t belive how time flies. Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.