Got late to bed, as I was helping V with her screenplay promo, some twenty pages of a story about a girl who loses her mother. All about hard work, correcting the spelling mistakes and tending to the structure, and going over the lines and the story in particular. She’s of course not used to this kind of structure, this style of writing, so she’s not used to writing for the visual experience. Some of the things she’s trying to get through would’ve passed if they’d been prose, but it’s a damn screenplay and no-one in the movie business wants to write a screenplay which reads “a while later” or “she thinks to herself”, becuase this can’t be captured on film. There has to descriptive action for the director to direct and the camera-man to shoot. In the end, most of the issues were resolved with her consent, and I must admit I thought better of the thing because of it. I cannot help but feel she’s inheritently lucky to have me around, self-absorbant as it may sound. For one, she would’ve never gotten around to writing a book if she’d had to uphold a regular job, she wouldn’t have had the surplus. I recall how all her energy went out the window when she tended a 9 to 5, how her place was a mess because she usually couldn’t find it do anything else but relax and watch TV when she got home. Second, I always put a lot of time and effort into evaluating and editing her material, be it the paintings or the writing. I certainly contributed more to this relationships, in terms of time and money, than she ever did. And now, when she’s approached to write a screenplay for evaluation of her skills in thus regard, in preparation of potential penning of a full-length feature script based on her novel, she happens to have a man around who’s well-versed in the style! What the hell are the chances of that?! So, yea, I think she’s very lucky in her choices (of yours truly), and I must admit to being somewhat weary of being the major shareholder in this marriage. Yes, she delivers and picks up the kid from the Kindergarten, and she does the shopping and the laundry, but in between those insurmountable chores there’s a helluva lot of time at her disposal. And I remain rather envious of that, truth be told. Particularly so as I am working two jobs to support our lifestyle. ~~~ Met up with Mads, finally got our act together and he had some great stories to tell of his trip to Indonesia, and I got a hint of some of what he’s working on these days. Good to see him again, and he seemed to be doing just fine. He’s on union dole as ’twere, and current regultations apparently allow him to leave the country for 3 months in order to secure a job within the EU and take the dole with him; so he’s planning a trip to Malta late Spring, a sort of artist’s break from the world. Sounds great, and I must admit to being rather envious, hope he pulls it off. The Indonesia adventure will debug in April, I hope it’s as big a thing as he states, could mean a change in direction for him. ~~~ Penning this en route to Århus – will team up with Bo, to work on UNI-C issues. Am hoping for a quiet day.