Stayed at home at the kid’s expense, calling her in sick when in reality she was a healthy as a horse and even in the afternoon travelled with her mum to Funen to go swimming in Nyborg Public Bath and visit her grandparents. I’m even getting better at not having a guilty conscience about these things; what have I become. Worked at length at Scanningsfabrikken’s projects, gained good ground. Should have found help from V, but she proceeded to sleep until two in the afternoon and only woke up 10 minutes before she was out the door to pick the young one up from Kindergarten. Not much help, i.e. She thought herself on the verge of illness, I myself believe she has it in her by her nature to rest a lot. Maybe all that exercise gets to her. I do hope from some more help from her in the near future, she hasn’t really found that kind of time but she sure Wii’s a lot and watches her share of television. ~~~ Barack Obama’s inaguration is today, and he sure got the World’s attention. I can certainly appreaciate why. We’ve had near 10 years of terror and hatred, the regular kind and the government sponsored kind, the latter to boot. The economy is hanging by a thread and may yet collapse completely, there’s a lot of mistrust and misconduct going around. Yet this new president seems as if he could be a great motivator, and turn all of this around. He has a grand presense, I can only support him and what he’s trying to achieve: Change. He could lead this World to a better place, he has that kind of charisma about him. There is a scent in the air of a lot of new to come, and it will change everything we know about each other and ourselves as well. I want to see the next 10 years hold stories of a lot of ground gained, in our conduct in regards to our fellow beings, and of a new, younger and more driven generation wanting to clean house, and do away with the old and the scared and the pointless, and bring fresh air, and new ways and new technology and a whole new perspective of looking at things. It’s as if the World has come to the same conclusion, that this crooked way of being afraid and living our lives in mistrust has had its’ time, that now we’re united in moving forward from here. I certainly sense it, and the networks are on that event as if it’s the second coming, so I know I’m not the only one. May God look after that man, and keep him in the kind of strength he exudes. He could do a World – and in this case that’s not meant as a metaphor – of good. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. May meet up with Rasmus, if time permits, I hope it so. Am hoping for a quiet day.