Hard to believe we’re in February already. The January sped by so fast. Outside it’s snowing, and it’s only getting colder. I’m not that concerned, though, I found on the Internet some footage of the winther of ’78, and I believe I recall latter winthers just like that. ~~~ En route to visit Mads, help him move his things. He only rents this room, so I guess it’ll be like student-times, moving dorm-rooms for friends. I sometimes find myself thinking back to Skive, where I occupied such one dorm-room myself. Being pressed into joining the student-service there (by a guy named Lars, whom I remember by virtue of his glasses and -7 vision on both eyes – hope for his sake he discovered laser eye-operations) was perhaps one of the best things that happened to me. Not that I was particularly active, nor needed to be, but I got my first taste of leadership that way, in arranging a big basement-clean up. Involved some logistics, some people I had to make work together, and who knows if I’d ever had found the courage to build a company around myself if I hadn’t been through that exercise? Possibly, but who’s to say. Some times it’s the small things in life that help define you as an adult. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.