Writing this on the train, en route to work at a late hour, 19, to ensure there’ll be on-one there when I misuse their printer for my own company purposes, namely to print a rather large number of questionnaires for a particular customer. Ahh, the re-distribution of wealth. Always a risk, going in there at such a late hour, but hopefully – fingers crossed and all – it will be for the last time. I suppose I said that the last time around, but in all honesty this is a bit of an emergency – to which end I also managed to up the price of my services. And – still going on honesty – I did actually try my best at printing out the questionnaires myself, donning 2000 bucks for the largest duplex-printer in the local radio-shack. Turned out to be a real piece of garbage, thus the train-trip and late night show. I hate these things, I’m not meant for working through the night anymore. Those were the days. Last time. Last time? Turned in an application for a job across the street from my regular one, actually very near my old apartment on Æbeløgade. Am still not sure which way I’d turn it, if they were to call on me. ~~~ Dumb time of too much to do, not enough fun. I do work very hard to support us, and, well it’s working alright, only a very guilty conscience gets to me, in as much as I don’t get enough time with the kid. Not that I’d know what to do with it, if I had it. It breaks my heart, a day gone by without seeing her. And there have been too many of those, and there are more to come. Sacrifices, but not the kind I like to make. My own time, sure, I’ll do away without watching a movie or reading a book (I’ve even found, bizarrely, that purchasing said entertainment once in a while actually alleviates the need to delve into it, at least for a pro-longed spell), sure, but when I can’t be with my daughter, that’s when it falls apart. I hope – hope – the sun will shine again soon. It hasn’t for a hundred years and more. I could do with a bit of Summer-time. And some more music, to be frank, but first and foremost the sun to come out. I hear all good things come to those who wait. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Look forward to getting some sleep again, after having had to work through this night. Am hoping for a quiet day.