The Oscars are on tonight, I won’t be in live attendance. Not only does neither major Danish channel air it, but I don’t really have any bearing on any of the movies in nomination this year, so there’s little of value in it for me. Will try and stay away from the news tomorrow, perhaps download it and watch it on the Ipod Touch I bought from Dennis. Little wonder gadget, this. ~~~ Has been a great weekend for relaxation. Have done very little but that which I wanted to do, which has been great after a tough as nails working week. Watched a movie, played with some Lego with Dennis (man-child that I am, and he), and even slept during the day. Has been a long, long while since I last donated myself that kind of time, and I must say I feel the better for’t. Had the Sunday to myself, as V and the darling daughter went to Funen, in honor of the trick’n treat-time of year. So I went with Dennis to the WuFu Chinese Restaurant, on his expense. He admitted to his relief of having money in his pocket again, talked about gathering bottles for a living in Aarhus, how much that sucked. I can appreciate that kind of life, and am happy for him he’s out of that financial dire straits situation. Although a bit concerned, in as much as now he’s making up for lost money, his account is in fact fed so rapidly he seriously considers getting a place of his own, and I must admit to enjoy having him around for great company. Can of course understand his desire to get a place of his own, but still. ~~~ Breif call from Dad in the evening, calling to hear how things were. He mentioned Sis and Thomas were headed their way in April, led me to believe they were keen on seeing us again as well, but it might possibly just be him, and not Mum(?). Last time she and I spoke she brought it up that she weren’t to anxious about having overnight visitors, of any relation, on account of all that emotional turmoil with grandmum. Though according to Dad, that’s headed in the right direction. Let’s see if we can’t find a way to get up there sooner, rather than later – all depending on mum’s condition. ~~~ Sadly the sun came out and got rid of the snow. I say ‘sadly’ because the kid talked me into going up the hill with her sleigh and I must say that riding down that steep as hell hill, with all its bumps and breaks, was one hell of a thrill. I never really did this as a kid, but now that I’ve tried it I seriously consider a ski-holiday next year. With a bit of luck the show will be back and I’ll get a try or two in, before Spring arrives. Which it’s supposed to already next week. ~~~ Took the kid to the movies, saw ‘Bolt’ at the local theater. I guess she was perhaps a bit too young for this kind of action cartoon, but then again she didn’t suffer nightmares and I do believe it was a trip worth her while, and certainly mine. I always looked forward to being able to take her to the movies when she would be old enough, well, it was close enough to how I believed it would be like, and a happy memory for me. There will be plenty of more trips to the movies to come, so that’s certainly something to look forward to. ~~~ To bed around midnight, tired and happy about life and having had a weekend of quiet and cool things done, not just work, work, work. Speaking of which, the week ahead will have some for me, but hopefully not in the scale of this one soon past. Hopefully V will be able to help out some more, she assures me as much but it’s always a bit of a hollow promise. Still seriously consider getting student aide. Anyways. Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.