The job-application I turned in got drawn in the lottery, and I did the first interview this day. One of of 78 applicants, it turns out, so I thought myself fortunate to be selected. And, as it also turns out, even more fortunate to pass on to the second round of talks, which will be tomorrow Friday at 9 o’clock sharp. So there’s a bit to look forward to; if nothing else, it’s really cool to be confirmed like this. Alas I had to break the news to Karsten, as he jumped me at our weekly developer’s gathering and declared the end of the group, to be split out amongst the two departments. Can’t say he would’ve done so if he had known about that application in advance, but I believed it so enough as to break it to him. He did not take it lightly. Though I must say I do not feel any kind of guilty conscience in this regard, I’ve served my time. If I should be fortunate enough to land the job, I doubt I shall feel regret. And, besides, if he were to discover that little scanning-company I keep in the basement, I seriously doubt he would feel the same regret he expressed this afternoon. ~~~ Our Mum-cat – only name we have for her, as the ‘Rose’ pet-name turned out to not satisfy her demeanour – returns after a two-week absense. I’m betting heavy she needed one week to get the birthcontrol pills we’ve been giving her out of the system, then another week to find a suitable father, or possible more than one. Sly bitch, for sure. That’s the way of the World, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if at the end of the next quarter year we’re facing a heap of kittens once more, dammit. Anyways it’s good to have her back, was lots worried. ~~~ V’s hand is doing better, she reports. Did I mention this, she got boiling water over it and it looked like a lobster. She won’t scar, and the skin won’t fall off, so that was a close call. We went out to dinner, lest I forget mention, the night before, as her Mum was caretaking the kid. Should do that more often, albeit at a 400 crowns price-tag we’d better go for pizza instead. Good conversation, good to nurse the relationship, too. I’d like to believe I’m adept at that, not forgetting my good fortune. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.