March – Spring – is here. The kid celebrates by catching a cold and coughing all night, of course. Being around her when she’s sick is easier than it used to be, I don’t suffer as much, listening to her. I suppose if it had been just a few weeks ago I’d been in trouble, with all that work which I needed a full weekend to recover from. But now I’ve found some time for myself, which was the right recipy from the wearyness. So I’m back in action, promoting the firm. A bit of an argument with the missus on that issue, in as much as my argument that she’s not being all that helpful about the company didn’t suit her well, as of course it shouldn’t. It’s true, though, she spends all her time with her writing, notwithstanding the fact her income is paid in full by the firm she’s supposed to be helping out with. She claims I don’t recognize it when she does help out, which might be true – but only because she drowns it out by being damn hard to reach when there’s not some deadline looming, she certainly doesn’t volunteer. I guess doing one’s own project is more fulfilling, and again confess to envy her that opportunity. Althought it won’t keep our stomachs full, I suppose it keeps her happy, which must prove a positive element in our marriage. ~~~ I got the job (see previous entry), which was cudos – and then I turned it down, because they wanted me to take a paycut as I was higher paid than their hightest paid developer – and Karsten immediately agreed to raise my salary even higher, which was great. So I got the confirmation I was looking for, and I seem to be just a little bit more popular with my workplace, suddenly. And as he declared an employee reshuffle, my new boss is Simon, who immediately declared it realistic and even purposeful that I take two work-from-home days a week, instead of the regular singular one. So, well, I didn’t get out from under the threat of being found out to running a competitive business in my basement, but I think ’twas the right decision to take. And, again, great to be confirmed in my competences and, maybe more importantly, people skills. In this day and age of Worldwide financial crisis – and emphasis on that! – I seem to be able to land a gig still. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Have just a tiny bit of work to do, hope to go about it quickly. Am hoping for a quiet day.