Came back from the company seminar, this year thankfully held in Korsoer, so I needn’t travel far. In fact, Lars Huge offered a ride in his car, which was great – I got straight to, and back from, the gig. This year’s theme was even more boring than I had imagined; a lot of talk about the department role in the greater scheme of things. Certainly a topic which didn’t fit the occasion. But as a social event it was ok, I guess, and quite besides I was fortunate enough to have brought the second-hand iphone touch I had bought from Dennis, fully charged and the hotel offered free wireless so I was surfing the web for F1 news and checking my e-mail and what have you, all on the 3″ screen hidden out of sight below the table. Enjoyed the game of chess with Leif and the games of pool with those who stayed up until late, and then the Friday was over somewhat quick. ~~~ Had an evening of baby-sitting before me upon my return, as V and her mum was at the theatre in Odense. So I picked up the girl from kindergarten and drove home next to her on her shiny purple bi-cycle she has just learned to ride. Brings about a whole new era of worries in me; not only do I have to watch what she’s doing, I also must now keep an eye out for backing cars and vehicles leaving driveways, and, and, and. I’ll be a bundle of nerves if I don’t learn how to control this disaster-freak in me. She’s very proud of herself, and justifiable so. She picked it up by watching her friends go about it, and she required very little practice before she was able to purposefully ride the thing. But, man, all those cars… I’m a nervous wreck. Truly a whole new era. Got back and stuffed ourselves with popcorn and played co-op Bubble-Bobble for three hours straight. A massive gaming experience, and if I was impressed about her handling of the bicycle I’m equally, if not further, impressed with her handling of the joypad. It’s a real dad-girl thing, V readlly doesn’t give it credit methinks. A great way to spend time together, though of course we should – and will, in wii time – be able to lend ourselves to some more physical activity. I look forward to playing tennis with her, or badminton, or jogging, or whatever. About looking forward, when I picked her up she was all excited about the prospect of 1) impressing me with her bicycle-riding skills, 2) getting back and stuffing said pop-corn, and 3) playing co-op Bubble-Bobble. And I thought that was truly grand, to get to see her once again look so forward to things, and seeing those come true. Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last either, but I give it thought here because it struck me how that spells basic happiness and surplus, and I’d like to pat V and myself on the shoulder for our way of bringing her up this way. She will in time, of course, be repeatedly made aware how she had the best parents in the world, and should consider herself lucky, and, and, and. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Have some work to do for Lars Huge, won’t be paid in cash but in good-will (he shuts up about my part to play as direct competitor to my current work-place) so I’ll do my best to solve those issues, hopefully leaving some time to relax. Am hoping for a quiet day.