Seems as good a time as ever for an entry. This month has been full of pins in the calendar, I’ll be happy when it’s over. If it’s any significance, the winther decides to strike back over the forthcoming week, we’ll have temperatures below zero during the day, even. So, when the month is over it’ll truly clear up. ~~~ Send out 85 letters to prospective scanning clients. Have no clue if this is the right way to go, public relations-wise, but I guess it’s something I haven’t tried, a direct mail campaign, and at the least it helped clear out my e-mail inbox of some of all those e-mails I sent myself, whenever a possible client-subject came up via a newspaper article or the such. There hasn’t been much scanning-work to do, and even thought I grossly under-bid myself in trying to secure some deals, they never amounted to anything. Now it’s probably the right time to rethink that marketing strategy, I have a good idea of where to start. On Wednesday, specifically, I’ll be in Copenhagen in the company of a client, installing the Data Check Module I created, for their data quality checking project. All free of charge, but if they decide it’s worth their time, it’ll be an easy sell when the time comes – next year – when they’ll have many more questionnaires to scan. In the meanwhile I’ll get some truly valuable feedback, I look much forward hereto. ~~~ The kid’s birthday is up-coming, on the 24th. Has been in the girlfriend’s plans for weeks, if not months, and I suppose that’ll be a breath of fresh air when it’s over. Althought I can’t say I look as much forward to it as does she, and of course the kid in question, I’ll be happy for her and do my best to allow her the best kind of birthday a kid of age 5 should have. I do not much recall the birthdays of my own, not even those at 14 or 15, but all that fades in time, I know. So I’ll need bring out the camera and document as much as possible. First thing we go to Funen, then Thursday the Kindergarten arrives for a two-hour stint. Have never been a part of that kind of thing, will go with the flow methinks. Anyways, she’s certainly of late, the kid, gotten more stubborn and rather irritating when push comes to shove. I sense that’s an element in her which requires us, parents who understand nothing, to step back and allow her some more room. It’s as if she wants to be left to work things out, find out stuff and solve issues on her own, but the child/baby she’s leaving behind, now that’s she becoming five years of age, clings to us at the same time, urging us to spend time with her and tell how, where, when to play. That’s a bit exhausting to work out, and I’m not sure I’m right in this, so that’s a little something to figure out, how to go about. ~~~ In as much as I’m not working the usual hours on the ScanningFactory (to whom I recently purchased a .com domain, scanningfactory.com), I’m stocking up on fun-filled hours, in anticipation (…) of a time when the order will come rolling in. Am designing LEGO-models in a piece of software developed by that very corporation, effectively allowing one to build spectacular models (given oceans of time) in LEGO bricks, without having to pay for them – at least, until when they’re done and one becomes intrigued by the notion of holding them in real 3D, thus purchasing the model). That’s an old hobby I’ve come to love again, as it’s truly the best cure for taking my mind off all things bothersome. Other time-consumers of late have been the re-discovering of my old playlists, thankfully backed up to DVD discs as I seemed to have cleared my removable harddrive of the tracks. And keeping track of the timer on the official Formula 1 website, now five brief days from the first practive of the first Formula 1 race weekend of the 2009 season. A little something I’ve been looking forward to all through the winther and spring thus far, and now nears the time. Financial turmoil and liquidity-crisis come if they may, as long as I can have my Formula 1 to watch, fuck all else! ~~~ About financal crisis, it much appears as if V’s folks will default on their loan and must move away from Nyborg. Which is a bit fucked up, I suppose, that it had to come to this. They must know their expenses and income, and they certainly should have the time available to flesh out a budget. Were they just buying time, didn’t they see it coming from miles away? V is not very surprised, of course she knows them the best. If they have to relocate to far away, so be it, we can’t allow ourselves to depend on them for child-care – and to my best conscience, we thus far haven’t anyways. It’s of course a sad and trouble-some dilemma, albeit I’m sure it’ll turn around to a positive situation. But not before the drama reaches new heights, of course. A bit of fun and games to talk about over coffee and the newspaper. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday, will work from home. Am hoping for a quiet day.