Kirstine’s Kindergarten came to call for her birthday celebration, albeit two days beyond the actual date. Never the less they had a blast, these kids, and ’twas good to have the house filled with a lot of kids with a lot of surplus. That is, for the one hour I could take it before getting restless and wishing they would leave. V, of course, adored the setting and attention as much as the kid in the center of it, as she should; she’s been so occupied with the concept of this birthday, I’ve never in my life found her to be so much into a given thing like this, going to every conceivable length to ensure a great day. Well, it turned out well. ~~~ Clients are beginning to call in again with requests for quotes, which I then supply them with. Have yet to hear of a confirmation of an order on any of them, but am keeping my hopes up. One bitter-sweet note is that a team of researchers from SDU, Southern Danish University, wish to see the Data Check Module, the application I build for captured data quality checking, demonstrated here, on the Soroe premices, on the 14th, of April. That’s a mouthful to swallow for sure, I’ll be hard at work spending money, alas, at shining the place up for that kind of a visit. Undoubtedly I won’t be able to impress them much via the setting anyways, so I’ll work out one hell of a presentation to compensate, and hope they go for it. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Leads up to one busy as hell weekend, as Lars Huge had a desire for me to do some work for him. At least all this birthday-stuff is beyond us now, so I’ll let V do most of the baby-sitting and focus on where the money’s at. Am hoping for a quiet day.