Warming up for the Easter holiday, most sane people already took days off. Should put ‘warming up’ in qoutation marks, it’s our entire part of the World which is waking up in time for Spring. I can certainly appreciate not having to wear 4 layers of clothing only to get up on the bike in the morning. Warming up, also, for my first official company visit; On the 14th I will welcome 5 folks from the Southern University of Denmark into my basement. Have taken funds out to ensure it’s at least half decent down there, still there’s loads of work to be done and V’s Dad will join me on the Wednesday, tomorrow i.e., to help out. Sought help from various carpenters and masons to assist, but in the end they were very expensive for the small amount of work, or they never got back to me. I find that difficult to swallow, personally, not the expensive bit – I can understand their need to pay off their crew and cars and machinery and all – but the never getting back to a potential customer annoys me. That’s no way to run a business, certainly no way to get someone’s recommendation. Speaking of business, there hasn’t been much of late, a few tiny things which I hope will cover what I take out to beautify the setting. I’d like to think I’m bracing myself for the after-Easter period, where – company setting beautified an all – I’ll be well ready to do some more PR-work. ~~~ V’s folks put up their camping trailer at the local camping site, that’s where it’ll remain for the next three months and we’ll spend some nights there. Hope they’ll be as passionate as this last one. Her folks threaten to drop by at times, which should take the burden of her mother’s restlessness and off her father’s wallet. To my understanding they just got a three-months limited post-ponement on a mortgage warning, by the end of which if they haven’t paid it they face bankruptcy. I’m not into their finances, all I can see from the outside is that they certainly take their potential liquidity crisis very lightly. I suppose it’s not up to me to fanthom(?). ~~~ Look forward to the 17th, when we’ll board a plane for Dublin, for a weekend visit there. Havn’t been out of the country in ages (Malmoe doesn’t really count), I think London for three days five years ago was it, actually. So that’ll be nice, to get out and about. ~~~ Other than that, think are dandy. Mum and Dad moved grandma to a retirement home in Skals, some shorter distance from Viborg and with better facilities as suits her age and wheelchaired condition. Should be a nice place to end her days, I suppose. That big brick in Viborg was never suited for a 90+ person, with all its concrete steps and cast iron handles. Always seemed such a damp place to me, they never left much heat on. That’s a habit from their upbringing, I suspect, and I hope someone with a bit of a handy arm and a bit of foresight will tear the place down and build something with a lof more glass and a lot more charm on that lot of land. I don’t foresee visiting her before she passes on in a few years from now, there’s very little relation and there never was much contact to relate to. I do recall her throughout various visits, but never as a real factor in my life. I read the books she gave me, which was very nice of her, but that’s about the extend of the depth of our interaction; always the brief, courteus conversation, a red soda or, as I grew older, a cup of coffee and a bisquit and we’re off to drive home, thank you for stopping by, see you next week. ~~~ Dennis threatens to leave; he’s gone apartment-hunting and will look at one today, which seemed promising to him. Can’t say that I blame him, were I his age and financial well-off situation I’d be on my way as well. He’s got a young life to lead, and it shouldn’t involve commuting near 4 hours every day. By his own account he’s actually getting used to that, which I’m one to appreciate(!). That’s for us retirement-prone individuals. If indeed he finds a place in the big city, I’ll likely drop by once in a while, would be a shame to drop the contact now we’re on terms again after the hiatus (the 6 months where he never answered his phone, i.e.), and, quite besides, I enjoy the bullshit in the company. He reminds me much of Rasmus, old high-school companion, in that respect, there’s little of seriousness in his life. In contrast to the latter-mentioned there is, fortunately, a dedication to his craft, which makes him a credible contender and, frankly, worth to be around. He cares, if not about people as much as projects, still it’s a care and I suppose I’m at a time and place in my life where I add value to that. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Lots to do. Am hoping for a quiet day.