Easter holidays came and went. Didn’t take the traditional three days off, as almost everyone else. Prefer to have them in the bank. Slaved away at preparing the basement for a company visit which never happened. A damn shame, was much up for it but it was a no show, and I only late – by sheer coincidence – find out they’d post-poned the meeting until May, only sans informing yours truly. At least the basement turned out better than ok. New door, new window, a lot of paint, carpeting, and the coup de gras, a wall-to-wall table I’d gotten a carpenters bid at 6000 for, but managed myself for 3, with a much better type of finish than the one offered. All in all the rearrangements should prove motivation for when we return from Dublin, for investing some more time with the factory. V’s dad helped out a couple of days, if only the means to his escape from the camping site we rented with the local Soroe Camping, and help it was. ~~~ So, a physically challenging time, I’m not used to being this active and I sure sleep well at nights. That’s only a good thing, and I’m glad it’s done, and depart for Dublin with a clear conscience. Will be good to relax in a foreign city, has been ages since we did that (Malmoe not counting) and I’ll enjoy getting away. Travelling always brought out energy in me – if I’m not forced into a museum, that is! ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.