Came back from Dublin on the Sunday, myself moved directly to Soroe as I had to be up for work on the Monday. Dublin was … alright. Stayed at the Maldron Hotel on Parnell Square. Somewhat gloomy on the day one, as we arrived in overcast and foggy conditions. I couldn’t even see the much of the country until we were some few hundred yards above into, mere beats before landing. Airpilots must get a kick out of that, of always having an opportunity to get to where the sun always shines. Faring into the city center didn’t improve the impression, as the cabby was a poor, sick fellow, driving his customers around in his battered Toyota Corolla, complete with a few Wunderbaum car-deodarizers hanging from the read view mirror. Actually felt sorry for the guy, and tipped him by that which probably made his day – life – the better. Checked into the hotel, had a bath (out of a tub, great luxury), then moved out into the grey and cold. I had thought the city a bit richer than it appeared, I had heard they’d been through a financial boost with their entry in the European Union. Which is true, but only with certain randomly scattered areas. The rest were quite a murky scenery, with not much in exterior maintenance, no blinds or curtains behind the windows, a bit of grafitti. I guess what got me the most was all that cast iron fencing, seems they most’ve at one time certainly had a healthy coal and steel industri, as opposed to us Scandinavians, preferring wood over metals. I didn’t feel much welcome. Lots of alarm systems, everywhere you went. And go we did, walked several miles in the course of our two days. Then, what did we really see? The city center offered little in terms of accessible culture, but to be fair I didn’t try much, did I. I didn’t have the great sightseeing in me, and shouldn’t hold that against the city. Some nice churches, and a fine park named Sct. Stephen’s Green. I suspect our relationship benefitted the most, rather than my adventurous spirit. Dined a lot, talked much, went to the movies. I guess we hadn’t needed Dublin for that, but it was great to get away from all, great to take a weekend out after that working holiday of fixing up the basement. And it was nice to switch on the television and watch the F1 race from China live on BBC. I think I got my share of relaxation. Not as much in not being physically active, but in taking my mind off things. Only checked my e-mail once(!). ~~~ Back in business. Have various ideas on how to promote the business, and will be promoting these in favor of being lazy. Must’ve rested enough.