Moving up North, to visit the folks for the weekend. Has been five months, a little more than five months, since last; time flies when all’s work and little play. Has found myself in contemplation of that fact, did I mention this in a previous entry? Talked to Jan the accountant today, in regards to my year’s statement he’s as yet not delievered – in his words because he’s dealing with a number of bankruptcies, I suppose that should always be a main priority. So while I’m moaning about too much work, he’s trying to salvage those without any at all. I should, in short, shut the fuck up about my bitching. He stated, incidentally, that transferring control of the company and all its assets to V should be the easiest thing in the world; No issue at all, as long as one’s married i.e. So I’ll be on the lookout for those forms to fill out, one less nail in my coffin in the regular job finds me out. As I’m always sure they will, at one point or another. I should leave the marketing be, focus on my own products instead. Maybe Jacob could be of assistance, here? He’s a great seller. He asked me over for a mini-seminar he was having, all about raising input on how he might survive with is business. I could try and push some of my stuff on to him… Fuck, there we go again, thinking business. Do I even have it in me to relax? ~~~ Extended – 15 minutes, i.e. – chat with Sis, whilst waiting for my bus to Slagelse. Damn nice to talk with her again. Look much forward to seeing her again, albeit I have little idea when that will be. Maybe next week. Yea; next week would be nice. I’m delievering data to the Copenhagen University on Monday, I could take that next tuesday off, go straight to the movies after work… Would sure be nice. ~~~ Girl’s acting all up; she gets into hysterics, truly maniac hysterics, when something doesn’t quiet go her way. Such profound issues such as not being able to fit her sweather of choosing, or such similiar earth-shattering incidents. V tells me when she gets around 6, or just after Christmas – mentioned as a stray fact, “she’ll be over it”. Harmless as a declawed cat, no, tiger. I find it hard, need I state, to deal with her antrics. She’s a little bit scared of me, I’m sorry to say I can see, as I myself tend to carry it for a prolonged spell before erupting myself, hardly constraining myself from slapping her. Thankfully I’ve always thus far managed to take it out on nearby furniture or stray household items. They never know what hit them. I seems unlikely I’ll forget myself, but I can certainly appreciate she should feel that mentioned bit scared. I’m not especially proud of myself when it happens, but at the very least the message gets through. I do look forward to being presented with the World’s most sensible and easy-going invidual in the shape of my daughter, transformed, beyond New Year’s Eve. ~~~ Listening to Joe Satriani’s “Time Machine”, which I purchased – the double album – in Skive in the summer of 1993, methinks. Gets me back to that time, a great time and a great album alike. Unfortunately that time is gone, and the album suffered the same mysterious fate. Hence the illegal download, I’m sorry to say. In my sole defence I did actually pay money for it, back then. Great guitar-work from the maestro, although not my favorite instrument (Piano, ed.) he gets the World out of it, it’s a fine number of beautiful compositions, something for the rough and the romantic alike. Came across him by listening to some Internet radio, great invention that is – keeps the dull from the boring part of the scanning work. Internet killed the Radio Star. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Hope to get that data aforementioned ready in time for delievery Monday. Then V and the kid arrives, will enjoy picking them up in Århus, from the cross-channel Ferry which they like to take. Especially after a sour note of departure: She’d just, hours before, V, assisted me with some scanning work which didn’t work out as well as she’d liked, and she threw a fucking tantrum. Truly, a manic hysteric fit. Wait, did I just report about this with her daughter? Struck down any shape or form of happy tune and I was in dead-beat because of it, damn I take so much to my surroundings. Sucked my energy up there and then and I even – somewhat pathetic – had to go and lie down, I suck at bad moods. Take it all in. She – in no attrative means – let it be known she found it distasteful to have wasted two hours of her life. Fuck, I spend four hours on transporting my frame to and fro work; that’s time that’ll never come again, in this life. Kinda gets me thinking, but I don’t wanna go down that lane just now. Anyways, we’ll both be in a better mood come tomorrow late, I welcome that. Am hoping for a quiet day.