Took some time off from work to go to the capital and have some fun. Though it turned out that my choice of fun, as effective as it was in olden times, didn’t strike a note with me. Played some hours’ worth of computer games at a cyber-cafe, yet the killing-spree of my choice didn’t really do it for me, as did neither the venue. Which came as a surprise to me, as not too long ago I believe I would’ve enjoyed the outing. Maybe it was just the grey setting, it’s been raining all day. I should’ve gone to the movies instead, I guess. Dropped by the Metropol, previously the Palladium, and it smelled just as grand as it always did. I was in need of that, actually, a familiar face, if I may. A lot has changed downtown, they shut the Scala down, it’s just a ghost of previous glory days, and the music, everywhere I go it’s unfamiliar to me. The Palads, it has little of the charm it used to. I, for one, got older, and it appears the crowd got younger as well. They grow up faster now. At least that’s the impression. So I got on an early train outta there. I must be careful to not get to dislike people too much. I’ve gotten out of the habit of being around many unfamiliar faces, so I can feel myself shy away, or getting easily agitated. What I should do is be select my company better. This comes quite easily, in fact, in picking better times in which to move about (avoiding saturday evenings, McDonalds, Boomtowns, the family compartments in the trains, etc.). And in being somewhat more picky in which, and designated which audience, media I should like to invest my time in. I suppose if we were more of an outgoing couple, V and I, I wouldn’t be in need of laying down such ground-rules. But we haven’t a monthly card-evening, or clubs we go to, and there’s no relatives close by. And, the point in major, we aren’t that kind of people. We get so busy with our own things, we don’t have the inclination to visit with others. I hope we last a long, long time; we would be, both, screwed if we were to become single again, that would surely suck. ~~~ Had her dad over, V, to facilitate the packing of some three thousand envelopes of mail-invites to some survey, a gig I picked up over the week and will split with him. A good way of doing things, V enjoys his company and I’m sure he finds it attractive to make an extra buck or two. I doubt much he’ll call it in with the IRS, also to him a decent reason for stopping by. I like him, although his easy-going ways do get to me sometimes. He’s quick to offer advice but it’s always based on only what he takes in at the first glance, he doesn’t think to probe deeper or even contemplate there may be more than meets the eye. And that’s not my cup of tea, I like to not make assumptions because I know we are complex beings, aren’t we, and there’s almost always layers to uncover. So, yea, I’m always nodding and agreeing and what have you, but I sure as heck won’t find myself in a political debate with the man, nor trust his analysis of how the World turns. ~~~ Dennis leaves us tomorrow, to move in with his compadre in Copenhagen. Which I guess is nice for him, to not have to do the train-ride every day. No 26-year old should spend 4 hours on a commute like this. So, I’m glad for him, and not as sad he’s moving out, to be quite honest, he’s had his stay and the longer he stuck around, the longer I thought of the age-difference between us. He can be annoying as hell sometimes, never more so than when he does his affronted-routine, that’s gotten to be quite old and dull at this stage. So it will be good with a bit of distance, though of course I shall do mine in keeping contact. ~~~ Our darling girl is not doing too well at the moment. It seems her best girlfriend in the world, Emma, has taken against her. Unbeknownst to her, this is a good thing. I have mentioned her in previous entries I’m sure, Emma, the little she-devil that she is. She ups and acts as if the World belongs to her, which I’m sure is the tale she’s heard her parents reiterate. In short, she remains a bad influence, and it would appear all their fighting has come to this, that this Emma-bitch is being not very nice to Kirstine in their Kindergarten-setting. And she reacts very poorly to this, K, because she’s a girl to whom friendship and the concept of a ‘best friend in the world’ means an awful lot. I think, without being able to tell if I’m right or wrong, this may be her first big social lesson. In this respect she screwed for being a girl, as they can be such evil little creatures, can’t they. So it’ll be a lesson learned harder than if she was a boy, and would always be in the mix if he was good at something. Boys that age don’t care at all. But a girl she is, a highly sensitive one at that, and she reacts, as mentioned, poorly to these new-found circumstances. I don’t really know of any good ways to help her. Of course, if the situation explodes it’s something to take up with her pedagogues or even Emma’s parents, but until then I don’t think there’s naught to do but reiterate, time and time again, that we love, and believe in her. It feels shitty to be around when she’s angry/sad about it, because it’s a lesson I personally could’ve liked had avoided her. Must try and instill confidence in her, and am trying to do so. Hope things turn around soon, and that she might discover some other kids around her besides this little caneiving(o) cow. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.