Visited with Funen over the course of the weekend, stayed at V’s friends in Odense, Claus and Sheila. So that whilst Claus and I drove to the German border for cheap export beer and beer accessories, their daughter and ours might play together, which they did to great effect. The border-trip was less exciting than I’d anticipated. They are generally very small stores, Netto-sized, with nothing but beer and spirits and lots and lots of sugar-products. I purchased for about a thousand crown’s worth of liquids for the Autumn garden-party V informs me we’ll be having, in my birthday honor when in reality she just wants to host a party, all these years only ever going to someone else’s. Mental note, find a way to let the firm pay for it. The trip was a lot less time-consuming than I’d thought, the border is only an hour and a half’s drive away from Odense, so that’s quite mercifull. Speaking of driving, we made it and back in Claus’ old ’94 Skoda he’d left outside for months without use, as a new law on company-cars allows for private pickups and small stop of a personal nature, shopping etc. So it’s just sitting there without being used at all, wherefore I made him a deal on renting it, half a year for 3000 crowns. Plugs the expenditure-hole in his pocket in that regard, and it seems to me like a cheap way to have access to a car for half a year. V’s certainly thrilled about it, as I knew she would be. Our girl is very down-to-earth, though, “so we have a car again?” delivered very matter-of-fact, as if no greater surprise. We immediately put it to use, to and fro the recycling station. V got a fit and started to sort her clothes, disposing of damn near half of it – to my utter satisfaction. I at once pointed her to her other areas of storage, which she also managed to reduce with flying colors. And having the car in the garage means putting the bicycles in the shed means clearing said venue of all kinds of shit the former propritor, Michael, never saw fit to remove. So, yea, there will be many more trips to that station I’m sure. It’s good to clean house, good to get rid of shit you never use but which occupies your eyes. Simple living. Works for me. ~~~ How typical it is, that when I should express interest in turning down the pace, job-wise, the phones will start ringing. So that’s the odd jobs I hadn’t counted on for taking up my time, and I kinda fail to see how I will be able to reduce my activities and allow for more personal time. Maybe I can fit V more in there, somehow. Her dad came over to help stuff some envelopes, made him a bit of spending-money and he was thus happy to assist, maybe I could delegate more to him. Let’s see how that all goes, over the coming half year. ~~~ Finally – finally – had Thor answer one of my e-mails, as I hadn’t heard from him in ages and was kinda worried. Turns out his relationship finds him in a state of buying a house. Hope all’s well for him, as his response indicates. ~~~ Our girl is doing better, she clearly overcome the worst of her crisis-friendship situation, which is great, and good for her, too. A bit of social upbringing, it can be the hardest thing to deal with. The Emma-girl is clearly out in the cold, as far as K is concerned. and she’s definitely better off with Louise, calm, sensible girl, as a playing companion. So it’s great things are going her way. She’s at present, as has been going for some months now, at a stage where V thinks she’s trying to detact herself from us, yet gets confused, in lacking a better word, and clings to us (well, V) instead. That’s a pretty boring tune by now and I hope she comes across some resolve on the issue, sooner rather than later. Other than that, she’s in a happy mood. We’re still looking into options about her tending school, where, how, and how much. The outcome could potentially have us move, I believe I mentioned this in an earlier entry, so, yea, big decisions. V’s on it, though, very resiliant. She was never quite happy with her own school-tending years, and highly motivated to allow better for her daughter. ~~~ Looking a bit forward to the time to come, as if it weren’t for these arranged moments by V and her mother in particular, I’d never get out and relax, would I. Though maybe I’ll forgive myself for using the term in due time, as the Legoland-weekend upcoming will probably prove more of an action-packed scenario than I making it out to be right now. The week 25, some three weeks from now, would probably fare better for me, as V’s away and I’ve got it all to myself. Maybe, maybe not, there will be a job waiting for me, scanning-wise. Remain hopeful I’ll still make it upstate in a visit with the folks (and dentist as well, yikes). There’ll always be something, won’t there. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.