Still all work and little play. Thankfully parts of it are very interesting, i.e. application development, which en thoroughly enjoy. With V still editing her novel, there’s little assistance, alas. I do look forward to a time she’ll be more of a help with this company of ours. Especially so as I applied to transfer it to her name, thus having an escape-route if my regular work discovers I’ve been part-timing it elsewhere. Am starting to experience some pain in moving the mouse around; will look for other means of navigating that cursor, I don’t wanna end up mouse-crippled in a year’s time. Do much look forward to the week after next, when I’ll have some peace and quiet as V departs for her seminar and our girl is with her grandfolks at Funen. I’m being too harsh on her, lately. She’s just a kid and I’m not good with recognizing this fact, allowing her to fool around as kids should. V’s got much more of a temper suited for this behaviour. She’s not one, K, to quitely lay down in her bed and rest come time to go to sleep, it’s an up-hill struggle, has been for a long time. I get upset and declare she’s not a three-year old anymore, and that sure sinks in, but it’s way too tough on her and I start to take it fucking easy. Not very proud of myself, as a result. I think I may be a bit stressed out, there’s lots and lots to do but not enough time. We’re a two-income family but I’m the one bringing both incomes home. V’s all “when I’m done” and what have you, and I do look forward to that. To some help. I shouldn’t complain so much. Just read an article in a homeless mag I bought at the station, about previously middle-class now homeless americans, hit hard by the recession. And here I’m bitching about having too much to do. And I’m out to buy a big-ass trampoline for the kid, at some fifteen hundred crowns. So I’m not that all troubled, am I. I can imagine being unemployed when you want to work is the toughest feeling. So, enough bitching. Will get back and relax and do some data-entering tonight, actually downloaded an application I hope will assist in this rather repetetive task, in as much as it’ll recognize my spoken words and write them to the machine so I won’t have to. Should better the aforementioned mouse-moving pain, I hope. ~~~ Next up, a LegoLand-visit, paid for in full by V’s demented brother Henrik, of course completely beyond his knowledge. A bit of fun for the whole family, I hope. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.