Sunday. This house seems very empty, at this point. It’s awfully big when it’s just one person here, isn’t it. A hundred square metres always should be. Everywhere I turn my head there’s a lot of ground to cover before reaching a wall or window. Just drove the missus to her seminar, and the kid’s grandma came and took her to Funen, for a holiday. So, yea, all alone. Bought a big pizza and a half a gallon of chocolate milk to ease the pain, and a bag of candy on top of that and my stomach is telling me off, rightfully so. I should, and will, go for a brief walk before it’ll get really dark. Anyways, point is this, I do feel very alone when this place is all empty. I hope tomorrow I’ll be more productive. Have a lot of stuff to cover before the end of this holiday. So tonight I’ll probably wallow with aide of a movie or so, then tomorrow I hope I won’t feel so single. Gives me a lot to look forward to, I guess, and look forward I do. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. First holiday day. Will visit with the folks, another thing of which I look forward. Am hoping for a quiet day.