So I’m here in Frederikshavn, for a meeting as regards the scanning business. Did I mention this, ever since I ventured thoughts of slowing down, the gigs are piling up. Even to the point where I find it necessary to plot them into a calendar. Doesn’t feel like crunsh-time just yet, in as much as I’ll keep on to my day-job. But somethings’s gotta give, that’s for sure, let’s hope (…) the phone will stop ringing beyond this busy autumn ahead. ~~~ Am up north for a 2½ day holiday. Gave – almost over – me time to do some of that programming I’ve been desperately trying to fit in (yes, of course, company business). So not much of a genuine holiday, but in all honesty this programming is a lot of fun, sometimes. So there. In the evenings have been taking Mum’s bicycle around to Roum and back, the old jogging-route of mine. Good timing good music to go with it (brought my Ipod, John Williams’ scores fit the scenery well). And I don’t move around much these days, so had a good excuse. Will try and free up time to be moving about some more (as if). It was a nice setting. They admitted to have been to Grenaa to look for a new spot, and thus I came to ponder I might not have many more excuses to be back around these parts. Some time, maybe not far from now, they will have left the scene and relocated, and there will be no more bicycle rides along old-familiar jogging routes. How will I feel about that? Knowing myself I probably will not take it in stride. I still recall the first time we came to that house, I certainly recall examining the interior. Some of my first rock-solid memories. I shall be utterly sad when that time is gone, that they no longer life there. I do find comfort in familiar surroundings. I’m not adverse to exploring, but I do not take well to constantly changing conditions. I suspect this is because I do not have the time to dwell on them, as there’s little time in life for anything but serious business these days. But that’s only part of the explanation, isn’t it. Having spent a childhood entire in the same place, that’s how you’ll end up I suppose. Is this healthy? It is good for the soul to relocate every now and then. As in most other things in life, a compromise is the way to go. What about our own situation? Will we be moving, as we are required to do if this facilitates our darling girl can go to the most-admired and tranquil of schools, the Pedersborg Elementary School? I’m telling myself I’m up for it, if the need arises. I would prefer it if we didn’t. Will let time, and V, decide this one, I’m not for any specific option. And I do have enough on my mind as is, to get mixed up in it, as important as it may be. V’s more than capable, and eager to take charge. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. V’s at some week-long seminar at a place called Vallekille, so her mum has taken care of our girl for the weekend, and joins us over the week as well. I’ll take the kid to Kindergarten and get some work done in her absense, in turn doing what V has been doing for some years now, having a half a day to my own devices before picking up the kid from said institution. Two whole days and a weekend left of this brief holiday, feel as if I’ve gotten a lot done already, which is great. Am hoping for a quiet day.