Ultra-brief, this, so I can get to bed after another hard-laboring weekend. Programmed away at tools for the company, in preparation for the upcoming gigs. Believe I’m near as prepared as can be. ~~~ V’s pregnant, the test informs her, so I guess in some 9 months the quiet will be over. Lots and lots of fake promises from her mother, of course, her “I’ll help out more than you know you’ll see!” and “If only you lived closer by”, so on and so forth. This time around can easily spot her from miles away. She’s merely happy, I suppose, in her own crooked way. God bless her disarrayed mind. Too early to really call it, though, she might drop the baby yet, V, only a week and a half in. Though did inform Claus, as his e-mail found me, and pushed back our Vegas trip to its original date og late 2010. And did contemplate how the paternity leave this time around would be damn near 4 months or so, at my leasure. Let’s see how it all fares, it’s nice to have experience at my side in this, I’m not in the slightest bit concerned about it. Well, okay, not very much concerned. A fraction of a bit, is all. Experience, wonderful thing. ~~~ Great weekend, really. Even hopped on the exercise bike and did half an hour’s worth. Of course, in being me, wasted not a second of my time and combined it with watching a movie, notably the “Angels and Demons” I’d wanted to see for a while. Great film, I didn’t even notice myself spinning away on the treadmill. I’m a sucker for those ‘ancient evils’ stories, I recken’. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.