Hot days, I come to think of Los Angeles and the time I lived there, when I’m out and about. I vaguely recall that I got used to it, around that time, and I’m not really troubled by it as much as the complaints around me has others demonstrating their degree of suffering. These remain busy days, with little time for anything but ‘real’ work and scanning-gigs. I got away from all that “I’m gonna take it slow”, didn’t I, opportunities arose and I couldn’t find it in myself to let them pass me by. So here I am, still cranking out 70+ hours work weeks. It’s kinda scary that I’ve gotten quite used to them. I prioritize work first, then my daughter second – always ensuring the minimum one hour a day contact. This other day took her on a bicycle ride along the lake, which was a great outing. Went down by the secret passage by the sheeps meadow and it was thrilling to watch her turn out her make-believe history about the scene. I suppose, with those two priorities, V comes third. I mentioned this to her, and she seems at ease about it. I suppose she should damn well better be, if it goes her (‘our’, I suppose) way about the pregnancy I can think of nothing more I can do to fulfill her life for her: 2 kids, not having to work, getting time off to be creative, supporting her all the way through. I do believe I do more for her than she for me, and having said as much I wow to take some serious time out for myself – preferably an activity involving a 42 footer Bavaria yatch – in ten years’ time or so. ~~~ I still can’t quite get my head around Michael Jackson’s death. All his songs are certainly working my mind’s turntable. “Man in the Mirror”, “Dirty Diana”, “Thriller”, so many hits too numerous to mention. It’s the saddest thing, to have lost such a marvellous samaritan and god-given talent, this world wouldn’t been the same without him, he paved the way for so many to do so much. I won’t get into his troubles in the limelight, come time they will have all given way to have him remembered by his music and generousity, not the media-frenzy surrounding him. As should be. I suppose I’ll remember him as a staunt believer that music can change the world, and he sure did his part. So, yea, remain saddened by it all; we’re bound to never see his like again. May be rest in peace. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Have an early meeting, wherefore I’m taking the car into town. Must remember to subtract some of the expenses in next year’s fiscal year, am getting a lot of milage in. The meeting should prove interesting. Might hopefully lay the ground for bigger jobs in the near future, if I play the cards right, that is – meaning, if I deliever quality work. A trademark, I hope. Am hoping for a quiet day.