Sat in the morning commute and spent roughly a hundred grand on scanning software. God bless payment in rates! I suppose I could’ve gone on for a long time with the pirated version I have, but I didn’t want it on my conscience. I find time spent worrying about it is very costly, and besides I’d better get this expense out of the way now, when the year seems to bring scanning jobs to pay for it. V finally gained control of the company, so that’s out of the way too. Don’t even get me started on me, yours truly, contemplating taking it slow a few months back! That thought seems far away. The spending doesn’t stop at the hundred grand; have purchased more scanning equipment, a letter-opener – four-hundred letters a minute, even – and furniture for a meeting room, replacing my downstairs den, dammit, but I need the place to look representative. Even bought two fake alarm keypads, so the place will look more secure. So, yea, busy time. Who’s got time for a regular job, anyway. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.