Sought the dentist after a more than two years’ absence. Nothing to it, came and went. I think the fact that I have mainly chocolate as my choice of unhealthy diet does something for me. Supposedly it does less damage to ones teeth, unlike sugar. I do brush regularly and often after a major sugar-dose, so, yea, it’s good. Still cost a minor South American country, of course, but that’s the way, at least there’s no way around it apart from taking care of ones dentals, so as to at least avoid the very costly bills. ~~~ I strikes me, as I sent out an e-mail promoting an application I developed, that I would’ve probably be depressed or worse, around this time, if I didn’t have anything in my life that was mine. You spend a life-time at some place called ‘work’, and when in your high-forties you croak from a stroke they’ll send flowers to your funeral and two weeks later there another guy in your chair. And all that you’ve build within those walls will fade away over time, or be rewritten by the new guy, or simple die with you. If I didn’t have the knowledge that, albeit in my time away from regular work, I was making something of my own, for myself, there would be little point. Don’t know why I came to think of it. Probably when I was ordering furniture for the new meeting room (sic), located in what was previously Dennis’ den, I came to this conclusion.