Got lots and lots and then again some done. Made full use of my time this holiday Monday, a bit of everything. Main part was cleaning out the basement, setting up that conference-room (sic) took the toll on the scene, lots of cardboard everywhere. Basically stuffed it all out in the garage, now await the return of the Skoda so I might take it to the recycling station. Installed the fake alarm-keypads – should scare off a few undetermined thiefs – and got some scanning done, too. Began the annual cutting of the hedge, then Stig showed up and together we put the old bed Dennis used to sleep in, into the back of their Volvo, never to be seen here again. He complained a lot about them not having room for it, well, Ï’m sure his darling wife will think of a solution to that issue, I was just glad to get rid of it. Put some clothes together, vacuumed, installed a fire alarm in the kid’s room (now I put a computer in there, on 24-hrs stand-by, I dared not not install it). What else, well, a bunch of stuff I forget. Just a busy day all around. In the evening took some time out for myself, in as long as the screening of ‘Terminator Salvation’ lasted me. Had wanted to watch a movie I didn’t have to think too hard about, and it fit the bill nicely. ~~~ Had desired to make more of my weekend, but Dennis came Friday and only left this early morning. So basically just got around to putting some furniture together, though was glad he was there as I needed his helping hand. He was good company throughout, and it was good to see him again. He seems happy, which is great. We dined at the WuFu Chinese restaurant, twice. In between watches some movies and had a beer, and it was good. Then just as he began to get on my nerves he was out the door, en route to work. So I got the best of him, this time around. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday, have a full schedule ahead of me. Am really making full use, again, of these days of solitude. Heard from V, apparently they’re doing just fine at the Langeland Music Festival, there’s a lot for kids and Dorthe is by accounts doing good in taking over when V’s feeling the naursia coming on, good on her. Had thought I’d miss them more, but I guess keeping myself busy is a grand distraction. Speaking of which, a glance at my to-do list once more confirms tomorrow will prove this one’s equal in terms of stuff to do, so I’d best be on my way to bed. Am hoping for a quiet day.