What a week; got a helluva lot done, as the girls visited with Funen, to spend the majority of the week at the Langelands Musica Festival. Alledgedly the greatest garden-party in the whole wide country, by their accounts there was great fun to be had. Myself I stayed at home – not my kind of thing – and worked my arse off, tending to – and closing – many small projects and some major ones. Got around to near everything on my list, safe the very last bit of trimming the hedge. Could’ve done the rest but didn’t want to go overboard as a box of some two-thousand customer cards arrived, to be processed by yours truly’s company, and I need my hands to be able and not weary if I’m gonna do most of that kind of typing. Wielding a hedge-trimmer such as the 70 centimeter-bladed one I got for the job is heavy-duty gardening, well, it is for one who’s not accustomed. Thank God it’s a one-time-a-year gig. V won’t be of much use in typing-regards, she’s ever increasingly complaining of pregnancy-nausia and spends most of her time on the couch. She’ll say I’m exaggerating, and that would probably be true. All’s well in the pregnancy-regard, incidentally, although she’s somewhat concerned about the AH1-N1 flu, spreading like a damn wildfire. I do not think it’s quite time to panic just yet, but having said that, I’ll continue to make sure I wash my hands having been out and about. ~~~ Saving my typing-strength for tomorrow. Am hoping for a quiet day.