A most relaxing weekend. V’s mum took the daughter to a swimming class, so the peace and quiet began already upon my getting back from work on the Friday. Then V joined them later on, so I got a full day and a near half to my own devices. Slept a lot. Had a number of things I wanted to get done, stuff I’d set aside for an opportunity such as this. Having done two of those, I realized, suddenly, the absurdity in having an actual list of things to do when the object is to relax. Thus I threw it away and did what I fancied. Slept at length; v got out at around 11 and I went back to bed and slept until it was near 15, quite a number of hours to the day given my already rather effective 9 hours during the night and early morning. I guess – well, know – I must’ve had a deficit on that account. Saw a great film, ‘Bobby’, about the assassination of Robert Kennedy, well, more about the circumstances of the scene of the crime, the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Meant as a time-piece, meant to capture a time and place in history, the thing played out very well indeed. Inserted news photage was the tread which seemed it all together, beautifully, if that’s a word one may use to describe a movie portraying a public execution. I thought all involved did rather well, none more so than the director of the work, Emilio Estevez. Clearly he has felt for the project, as much is evident. A great one. ~~~ Got on V’s bicycle – as mine’s flat – and went for a cruise. Took to the local woods, as part of the screenplay I’m on takes part in woods, so I wanted the inspiration. As it turns, I got near lost; There’s a diverse system of paths in there, and the small signs someone has had the decency to put up I found to be rather deceptive. One of them led me to the edge of a ravine (well, let’s just say that it was, for the sake of tension-building) which I did not hesitate to throw myself over. Had the good thought to part ways with the bicycle half way down, or I fear I would’ve got it with my head. Suffice to say I tumbled down that narrow path like a twenty-year old, and even when I landed on my ass I couldn’t help but laugh out loud like a kid, which was probably what I was the last time I attempted a stunt like that. Felt pretty dumb, but the woods are a forgiving place in which to feel like a clumsy idiot. ~~~ Back and saw another film, the Will Smith-fronted “Seven Miles”, about a man who drives himself and another car off the road while texting, kills his wife and others and now looks for suitable people to receive his donored organs upon his planned suicide. Not as good as the first movie of the day, let’s say as much, took a helluva lot time to start. I somehow didn’t feel it start, actually, before it was over, it just never got off the ground. A bit of a sugar-diet of a movie, I fast-forwarded through the last bits in an attempt to regain interest, or at least salvage some of what I’d put into it, but no. ~~~ Reminds me much, the above, of an entry such as would’ve been seen in previous years, especially those of the latter ’90s: I watched a movie, did something else, then watched a movie again. I think it may be a bit of a testament, that statement, even those years. Though I’m glad I did eventually find myself something else to do with my time, for some reason I kinda think of that time past as equally rewarding to what I do now. In each case I invested my time gain an outcome; creatively, when I was younger, financially as late. I wonder what color my next period will have. ‘Blue’ as in “I sell my company and buy a yatch, retreat from the public eye to lavish on that boat in the Carribean” is probably not a realistic option here. The major difference, of course, is in that within the last 5 years I’ve had to make choices and act primarily in support of a family, and not just myself. A good thing, albeit I at times wish I could’ve left more of the decision-making and family enactment(?) to my better half. Now there’s another kid, sex unknown, en route; where will this leave me, I wonder. I try to be a little more nervous about it than my experience as a father to a newborn offers, but this is only because my superstition demands a bit of angst to go with these situations. I’ve in great part made up my mind to be fine with it. Most questions have already been solved to make it incredibly much easier to deal with a new one: the house, the place, the job, the wife’s chosen place in it all, the finances. I recall the first few years with our darling girl and how tough they were, mentally; moving, always searching for answers to questions of healthcare, nutrition, so on and so on. That’s something I won’t have to deal with, well, of course I will but in a far milder regard. So, yeah, a lof of things have changed, which I suspect is also the reason these entries have shrunk in size; I have far more answers now than I ever did, so it’s no longer required to pen page after page upon brooding the corresponding questions. A good thing. If I find something else, equally useful, to do with my time, i.e. Hasn’t been a problem so far. ~~~ On the Sunday saw “Milk”, the biographical pictures based on the life and death of one Harvey Milk, San Francisco supervisor shot to death in the late seventies. The first openly gay man to be elected into a public office. In the film – as directed by Gus Van Sant, of course – the man and his cause are portrayed with equal affection, there’s little distinguishing the two. I enjoyed the line he delievers in retrospect, a flashback after the shooting to when he’s with his lover and declares “I’m forty and I haven’t done a thing I’m proud of”. Then he prophets(?) his own death, which I thought was a bit rich, but that mentioned line lingered. I’m a sucker for those ‘give-hope’ movies, and the whole thing carried awfully well. I must admit to fast-forwarding a few times, when the homosexuality in kissing and what not was a bit too trying for me to watch, I guess there’s room for my improvement here. ~~~ So, back to work it is. Won’t touch on the projects coming up, still to high from taking so much time out as I’ve seen over the last half year combined (an exaggeration, of course, but a slight one). Was happy to get the batteries charged. And the lawn moved. And the house vacuumed. I’m a rather helpless individual, am I not. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.