Family-visit on Funen, celebrating V’s grandmother’s birthday. Drove in and out on a single ticket across the belt, made it cheap. A generally pleasent affaire, even enjoyable. Some of the familymembers are a bit behind us in nursing babies, which was a bit of an eye-opener to yours truly; it always used to be me, running around without time to sit down and talk, but not so this time. Though of course that time will come again, one of these days. Have gotten so used to the familiar faces, this must be what a family feels like. Work, work, and then some more work. This up-coming week will be one of the busiest, as I’m driving to and fro a client in Copenhagen. And there’s another deadline looming as well. So the months continue to be busy, and will be so thru September. ~~~ Now that the idea has come over me, I do feel the urge to close down operations and try and sell the firm, to the degree I’ve developed it until now. There’s a bit of money in the account, some software and what not, and some confirmed jobs waiting. Then again I hear the market for small businesses is down, down, down, so that’ll probably keep me from selling. I shall of course go through the motions and try and get an estimated selling price, that’ll be a new experience. But I’m not counting anything in or out. An appealing idea, in as much as I’m an organizer who’s like to clear out the trash, and it would be simple living galore if I could erase this laptop and everything company-related on it, that’s for sure. But, as mentioned, probably not feasible right this now. ~~~ Not much time for personal fullfilment, but I did get a chance to see Kimi Raikkonen win at Spa, which was a fine win in a fine race, so that was great. Tomorrow Monday; bring on the challenges in time and place, they won’t surmount to a tenth or even a hundreth of what I had to go through to get my film made, so actually I’m looking forward to it. Am hoping for a quiet day.