Did a long stint at work, so as to liberate time for the tomorrow’s scanning gig. Will be up bright and early, hope the car won’t have trouble driving to the capital and back, it’s been much out and about of late. Soon comes the time it’ll need to visit with the shop, for a trial-run at renewing its two-year licence. Hope that’ll go smoother than last time I did that, with the rusty Nissan. Pretty basic working day. Still entertaining – increasingly so – the thought of selling the off the company to the highest bidder. Well, frankly, any bidder. Half a million, is that too much to ask, I say. Kidding, seems like a realistic pricetag, and where’s the harm in asking. The gig in question has gone down well, thus far. Sure hope it continues that way. ~~~ V would think of me I’m a little less communicative over the years, or…? I was shutting down a beginning argument by adopting my coup-de-grace as a fact and shutting the door behind me, leaving her to her tv-show. And I thought of myself, that’s not the first time I did that. I have a bit of confidence, I guess, in as much as the argument was about money and she’s not working, thus I can’t much care for her arguments. She’s a bit sore about the fact that she’s dependent on yours truly, and as her new book didn’t go through first round there’s no income there. I can appreciate how that should be troublesome. Should I care more? No, all the time in the World is there for her to spend at her leisure. I can’t imagine what I’d do with the same number of hours, frankly. Then again, I shouldn’t come down hard on her (hence the closing of the door, before he arguments heat up); she does her turn, typing those cards and helping out where she can (although generally she’s so frustrated with the tediousness of the work she sighs and huffs and puffs, I try and get as much in so she, in turn, won’t have to, mainly because I can’t be bothered to listen to all that complaining, partly because I also feel sorry for her, oddly enough). It’s just hard to release company funds when truth be told I have very little overview on what kind of taxation we’re talking about here, and I would ideally like to keep us afloat with my main income, tax already paid and all. So, in conclusion, I can’t quite make myself feel guilty of not hearing her out; time is a damn luruxy, she has plenty of it and that’s really what she should be focused on, not monetary issues. Quite besides, who ever said it was easy living with a cheapskate like me? ~~~ Busy week, as tomorrow passes I’ll have seen the most of it, and the weekend tempts a spot of quite as the kid visits a girlfriend. So that’s a bit of looking forward, I do thrive on that stuff these days, don’t I. Stolen moments, that’s how it feels, but let’s see what time can do about that sale. Am hoping for a quiet day.