Suddenly time seems to be moving awfully fast. Likely because it’s that time of the quarter year I look forward to honoring the mortgage once again. Blessed arrangement. As it is, we’re keeping our head above the water fair and square, although all kinds of saving are cancelled; it’s always a big round zero I end up with, every end of a three-months period. What’s left goes into V’s checking account. I’m fine with that, money’s there to spent – although I did not always regard this as a fact, I must admit. And the company account is on the rise, which is great. Looking forward to that 125.000 crown invoice at the end of the year, where my purchase of that scanning software kicks in for real. ~~~ Looking out on the autumn woods from my bedroom window is a grand sight, very colorful. Not yet at the point where I’ll be much annoyed over having to dispense of all that loose fauna in my garage. Found an hour and began to paint the fence, so now there’s one painted section and 8 not so painted sections. The neighbours will have a fit I’m sure. ~~~ Held a brief meeting with K’s contact pedagogue, Karina, because we were some concerned about some personality changes we spotted; about her change in social relations bringing on some unattractive traits. Basically the issue is that all of her peers have begun school, and she’s left with her girlfriend Emma as her only playmate, and that’s possibly not the healthiest of relationships. They drive each other up the wall, and we believed we saw a personality change – in going up against authorities (us) for example – in her that we’d like to show the door as soon as possible. The meeting was good, in as much as we got some focus on the issue and they’re working with us to help keep her away from Emma some more and introduce her to some of the other girls from the other rooms, it’s a big kindergarten and there’s every reason to have her get to know some of the others, especially before she’s off to school with maybe one or two of them. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not terribly concerned just yet. I do think it’s time to introduce her to some more responsibility, of which she’s faced very little thus far. With the new one coming along nicely, well, couldn’t be too late. ~~~ A bit of work on the script, coming alone very slowly indeed, and of course major work at the factory I own. Many possiblities of scanning gigs coming up, but there seems to be an awful lot of competition in the market suddenly, won’t sell myself any of them until the confirmation is in. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Sis will stop by a bit past noon, to pay a visit until she picks up her Thomas from his party. Do look forward to seeing her again, it’s been months, almost a year, since last. Ridiculous, actually. Am hoping for a quiet day.