Somewhat under the influence. Probably an understatement; this entry will take me forever to write. Or, rather, from the Copenhagee n Grand central to Soroe in an entire hour. Am really stringing the words together by the book, sentence to sentence. ~~~ Was good to see Dennis again, and Mads, and get some time out. Has been some half year since I was this kind of drunk. I suppose I’m a somewhat healthy individual, at least to that degree, I don’t consume much alchohol and when I do it’s not the greatest of crimes I commit. Making a fool of myself (in concealed surroundings) and forgetting myself and time seems the worst predicament. Easily concealed in the light of another day, albeit less effecient as usual. ~~~ I find myself somewhat uneasy about the work that I do at the present. UNI-C work, I should add. Trying to do a lot of good for the sake of the common individual doesn¨t make a dent, merely following orders gets the world’s attention. Probably shouldn’t evaluate this in the light of the intoxication I’m under. So won’t. ~~~ A bit concerned about our girl’s behaviour towards the pedagogues. When she’s seperated from her girlfriend Emma, of whom she thinks highly and we, in turn, do not, her complaints are voiced harshly. That’s not the kind of behaviour we wish to instill in her, and of course not one she would like to be remembered by, were she to look upon herself with different eyes (man, I’m babbeling, truly drunk. Just ignore this one, please). Low battery, so I won’t go into this now, safe keep it for a better time. Notably when I’ve sobered up. Don¨t think of it as anything major just yet, something to keep an eye out for. Man, who said it should be easy to grow up in this kind of world. There’re so many things one needs to keep track of, social skill and relations and where’s one’s place in this world, I do not envy her that task – but shall of course try and support her all that I can. Let’s see how she fares, basically she knows of her love and support from us, she won’t be completely screwed comes the time to try out this world on her own. ~~~ Admittedly drunk, but past a fare. Has been ages since I went for it, and besides Dennis and Mads and a regular week-night is not the worst of circumstances. Was good to see them again, had lots of fun and then some. Them seem both to be doing alright, certainly that’s the impression they left with me. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.