Put on the winter-coat for the first time, as ’twas bitterly cold this morning. Everyone around me on the train is sneezing, too, so I’m not the only one who noticed. Will be at work soon, and grab a cup of hot coffee. Should get me going. Or not. Into the October, now, and the year seems to wrap up nicely in terms of jobs. No crisis here. Money’s tight on a daily basis, though, but I found a bigger pay-cheque this month as my yearly bonus went through, which was nice. Will cover the expenses of buying an fixing Claus’ Skoda, in this chilly time a much-anticipated move with V and our girl. So I’ll be a car-owner yet again, past the Nissan and the Ford. At this rate, and given my tender age, I can understand how dad came to own and operate some twenty-five plus automobiles in his life. Will – and should – try to keep this one better than the last ones, but I’ll probably find myself too busy with work and making money and end up with some old rusty wreck which will never pass inspection. Oh well, two years to worry about that. ~~~ Funny episodes with V’s folks holidaying in France with her younger, mentally retarded (clinically speaking) brother: Her dad jokes about a bomb in the airport and nearly gets arrested, and her mother’s brought a big knife for treating said brother’s fod-vorter(o)(?) and of course the airport-scanner picks it up and she starts arguing about it with the security-staff at hand. What a moronic thing to do, both cases. Sure as hell glad I wasn’t on that trip. Speaking of trips, the Berlin-thing is still a possible ‘go’, as V can’t make up her mind about travelling and being pregnant and this swine-flu pandemic which seems to be dwindling. Given the financial crisis we’re in, five-star hotels go for less than a thousand per night, I could well and tryly see myself in one of them before all hell breaks lose. Or, rather, the birth of our second (coming) one. Let’s see how she makes up her mind about it. ~~~ Have been trying to move into the third and last part of the script for ages, now, but to no avail. It just doesn’t seem to want to play with me. Could be writer’s resistance against wrapping it up, that’s a big possibility as I’ve got large chunks of the end dówn on paper already. So I’ll try and go about it in a different way, and maybe shake myself up to it. Haven’t tried the index-cards approach, so will get hold of a couple of ’em and give it a go. ~~~ Ahh, Friday. Anticipate the arrival of some packages of work care of our national postal service, but as both V and myself are out of the house they will be returned to the local postal office, to be picked up Saturday. Which is fine, as Dennis aim to stop by anyway, so I won’t get any work done today/-night anyway. Good to see him again. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.