Odd week, felt like every day was Friday and it took near forever to get to the real deal. Possibly because I broke the week up, in order to be with a customer to do a test-scan for an upcoming job. Trying rather desperately to fit them all in, abd in particularly away from between the 9th to the 13th of next month November, where there’s a chance I’ll be found at my first ever developer’s conference in Berlin. Very hopeful it’ll all come together. The end of the year arrives with a lot of work for yours truly, but having passed this weekend, with its funeral and visit with the folks, I feel prepared for it. Haven’t much between now and xmas but work, and I feel resigned to the fact. ~~~ Met up with Sis at the Copenhagen Glyptoteket, had a nice dinner and moved around the Egyption collection for a spell. A brief outing, though, as if beyond the pleasentries and the how’s she and the how’s he we didn’t have much in common this afternoon and were soon our seperate ways. Such different lives we ended up with. Very unlike circumstances. Not that I’m not very happy about my part, and of course hope she feels the very same way. Send the girl to Funen, to spend the weekend with her grandfolks, so have the house to ourselves for the next two days. Watched a movie late last night (Alex and Emma, nice little one we both enjoyed) and fornicated like animals. Felt rather young again, actually, so maybe ’twas good I managed to fix the bicycle and drive it to and fro the station again. ~~~ Comfortably settling in for the winther. Painted the back yard fence white and will stop it there, well, should take down the trampoline before the frost really sets in. V offers many choices of boy names, probably will continue right up until the 18th, where we’re due at the Roskilde Hospital. She finds herself in favor of “Julian”, which I grant is a helluva lot better than her first attempts; “Storm” or “Martinez” (Hola!). Kepping herself busy by concluding the rewrite of the first chapter of her novel, alledgedly a frustrating experience. She’ll be fine, though. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.