My working spat has come to this, that V has asked for an intimate time-out this evening. Has been a helluva while, hasn’t it, but where’re the hours. Have gotten right into the groove of working 70+ hours every week. I suppose telling myself repeatedly that I’ll hardly find free time until late December has done me good, I’m not expecting hours at my own disposal and have gotten rather apt at disciplining myself to work. Thankfully V managed her latest – and last, I hope – lecture on creative writing, so she’ll have some hours to spend now, helping out. Am taking a lot of hours out of the workplace I frequent the most, in favor of driving back and forth to Måløv to do scanning gigs. The printing shop there, Formula, contemplate getting into the scanning market, and I’m quite willing to provide them with the opportunity to take over this shop of mine. A lot depends on news which should arrive this week; did an ‘exam’, if you like, a meeting with their sales manager and a rather large client he’s hoping to reel in, towards a very, very big project. If he pulls it off, that’ll be the end of my worries – I could shut my operations down and live happily ever after. I always set myself up to not be disappointed, but I won’t try that approach this time. This is something I would really like to have happen, and I’ll be sad if it doesn’t. And if not? Not a big burden, easy come, easy go. There are a number of projects in the books for next year, so I won’t cry myself to sleep, for sure. But I do remain hopeful, as hopeful as I can muster. ~~~ Thor stopped by, in Denmark for the weekend. Officially to say hello to the nearest relatives. Unofficially perhaps more to get some peace in which to focus on his near-term future. Things are apparently not good and true in his current situation, and I thought him rather destitude(?) to behold. She’s apparently a big of a hag, the woman he lives with. Which was always my first impression of her I hasten to add, promoting my people-knowing-skills. Certainly struck me as someone who’d rather take to shouting abuse rather than applying a witty retort, which by Thor’s account is an accurate assesment. He did take some time out – he stayed in our guest-room for the weekend – to look for apartments to rent in Ringsted, I thought that a tell-tale sign as clear as any. Hope it works out better for him over the time upcoming. ~~~ Getting dark at a little to five o’clock, now. So soon, it seems, the Summer past us by. Don the winter-coats, then. And it’ll be easier to take a nap on the commute, as the sun’s not shining in one’s eyes. In fact, I won’t fight the drowsyness which comes across me this instance. Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.