Had hoped to be done with a scanningjob late last night, but as it were some data entering stuff I left for Stig, V’s dad, came back and turned out to be very badly done, full of mistakes. So that’s the last time I’ll surrender him any work which is not one hundred percent of manual labor. He may be great at stuffing envelopes, but I’m afraid at all else he fails miserably. Too damn bad, we now have to go throught it all, with V, too, shaking her head in amazement at the sloppy work. I figure he rushed through it to get to his paycheque, well, if I had the time to have him go through it again I would, but this one need to exit the building asap. Damn shame, that’s what it is. Lesson learned. ~~~ V got all wound up about this swine-flu roaming the country. Her being pregnant and having a mentally retarted brother doesn’t keep her mind at ease when a pandemic has been let loose. I won’t tell her that her baby may turn out mentally handicapped on account of a multitude of other reasons than a simple flu, for which she won’t be taking any vaccine anyway. And that she probably won’t die, as this is a very mild case of seasonal flu. I think she figured it out by now, has seemed more relaxed about it in the last couple of days. I do hope she finds the time, somehow, to be happy about her pregnancy, to me she hasn’t exuded that sensation yet. All those worries. ~~~ I miss writing, specifically I miss getting my hands on the screenplay. Has been ages since, and there’s no end of work in sight to allow me time to alleviate the matter. I’m glad I braced myself for this end-of-year work-spat, I would likely be somewhat bitter by now if I hadn’t. Have been able to close up some things, but more are coming in. I don’t think there will be time to look forward to xmas this year, so I’m glad V’s there to aide the young one in this task. Of late I’ve gotten into listening to old speeches by various heads of state; a very moving experience, at times. It’s hard ot track down the original writers of the speeches, in many cases it’s not possible to tell if they did indeed write their own material. Notably the Kennedy’s speeches are highly elequent, and of course historically very touching. ~~~ Long conversation on the phone with Mads, well, ‘conversation’ may not be the proper word. His solo-speech about quitting acting and looking into educating himself – he’s contemplating correctional officer – made sound sense to me. No doubt his originally chosen trade is very unforgiving, particularly to someone past his thirties. I could certainly follow his chain of thought. I hope he won’t suffer a dive as he embarks on a new route in his life, I shall certainly try and support him in his choices and let him know this is not a defeat, rather a new beginning. As I believe I mentioned to him, in what is effectively a very short life thus far he has found many, many experiences and challenges which others will never get around to imitating. A very unique life. Best of luck to him in his endeavors. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.