Truly a friday the 13th. Managed to fuck up in a spectacular fashion in regards to the latest scanning-gig, a voting-scanning, of course it had to be votes. Had left out a number of valid votes, and of course they found it out. Fuck, fuck and utter fuck, the worst kind of fuck-up I ever pulled off. In my defence it’s been the first fuck-up, but of course that won’t help to relieve the pressure from the client. I think this may be the best indicator thus far that I need to shift my focus in a different direction. All this pressure is not well suited on me, I have many things to contend with and not enough hours, and I do feel rather hapless at times on this account. So I’ll begin to close the activities down. Have been meaning to do it for some time, and this episode comes as a straw that breaks the camels back. Not very happy about it all. I do hope there won’t be legal action, but can’t rule this out just yet. ~~~ Switched to working UNI-C stuff, and such remarkable was the transition I had to put pen to paper about it. Gone pressure, welcome a much quieter and peaceful life, involving more money and less work. That’s ridiculous, that it has to be like this, that it pays a helluva lot better in money and peace of mind to be a civil servant. But that’s the story of our nation, given the direction we’ve chosen. I have tried now for some years to be an entrepreneur, but it hasn’t paid off the way I would like. Of course I never made the full plunge, but enough to offer my insight as to the system. The taxes for independent, company-starters must come down if we’re to make any headway in this land. 60% er simple too much, proving no kind of sentiment in favor of establishing one’s own business. It’s truly ridiculous. ~~~ I’d best remember, I admit to have forgotten this, that money is not the means to a rich and full life. Rather a basic happiness and an exploration of one’s social and creative skills will do just fine. I should like to sum up my experiences in making money, and this end of the year seems like a suitable time to call it quits. The risc involved is too great for one to handle, who deals also with a regular life and a family with no income besides his own to make do. I have a number of things I would like to involve myself in, but there hasn’t been time. From now on I’ll make that time; take on no new projects in the new year, close up the stuff I have for now. This current situation cannot last forever, I’ll never be quite happy about it and thus it’s time to shut it down. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.