Trying to close up as many things as possible, as fast as possible. One major obstacle was the scanning of some thirty boxes of questionnaires, a task grand enough to have me summon Stig to aide. Got through it in some 14 hours, which was a mighty feat I thought. A lot of things are coming to an end, and I just hope there will be time to be with my family some more, there’s been little of that of late. It’s that time of year when I need to start thinking of the year’s conclusion, I do not think it will be hard to think of one this time; work, work, work. Thankfully it’s also time to buy oneself a christmas present on account of all that work, and this year I went overboard – once I got talking to said Stig and his experiences in running a company and cheating the taxation system – and just bought for some twenty-thousand crowns worth of hardware on the firm’s account, including a 46 inch TV and an Xbox console and a bunch of other stuff. I honestly still cannot fathom how I managed to send that order down the wire, perhaps some sort of unwitting protest my mind played on me. Will wrap the stuff up and put it under the tree, adressed to yours truly. To thy own self be nice. ~~~ Finally managed to change the ownership of the Skoda from Claus to myself, took him long enough to come up with that registration-certificate enabling the switch. So I’m officially a car-owner once more, my third car in some five years. Still cherish the memories of the first one, the Nissan Sunny, forgot how the Ford saw the end of its days, but anyway, now this Skoda is here to stay. Funnily enough mum and dad decided on changing wheels to a Skoda themselves, notably the ‘Roomster’. Ridiciulous name, hopefully a sensible drive. Mum thought it more pleasent to get in and out of, which given her condition is of course a foremost criteria. ~~~ Brief mail-exchange with Lars Brink, who was kind enough to forgive the months apart from our last conversation. Offered some good advice on selling the business, which was nice of him. Do much anticipate a time when I’ll be around visiting friends some more. His new job – which is no longer new, but some 11 months old – suits him well, I gather. Great to hear. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.