Cristmas nears so fast. I haven’t time for whatever, Thor may drop by on the 21st, when his plane from Vienna sets down. A new life for him, I guess. Apparently he’s got some half a million – half a million – crowns lost at sea, having lend this amount to this girl he’s been living with, now I doubt he’ll see all of it. That’s a staggering sum of money; I couldn’t imagine what I could do with that kind of amount. I so hope he’ll fare better here, back in Denmark. He’s a great guy, albeit with a bit of a twisted sense of humor, but a great guy. Life owes him a break, methinks. I hope he won’t be too depressed staying here, in a setting with a relationship which actually works. ~~~ No news on the company sale as yet. Waiting for them to get back to me, whenever we’re in talks it’s as if it’s a done deal – but then time passes. Hopefully some time soon it’ll all be over. I’ve tired from keeping things from people, and tired of telling the odd lie to cover my tracks. Although I haven’t engaged in criminial activities per se, I haven’t been sleeping too well at nights either, on account of being a direct competition to my unknowing employer. That must soon end, if I’m to life a different kind of life. ~~~ Bits of conversations with Claus of Aalborg, whom I sent some hardware I had no use for. We’ll meet on the 27th, which I’m looking much forward to. Usually a cherished end of the year. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Have work to tend to, then the odd Dentist appointment near noon, then will drive to Copenhagen with V and K and V’s mum, to do the Tivoli’s Christmas-opening. Look forward to that, a family outing. Am hoping for a quiet day.