Had a family-trip to the stables where K does her riding-sessions, in lue of their Christmas-party. A somewhat different setting than what I’m used to, and I must confess I caught myself contemplating this fact. Having kids truly changes the scenery, I’ve over the years visited many places I would’ve never seen myself. This particular afternoon I found myself dragging a horse, albeit a minor one, across the stable grounds, with my girl on top of it parading. So that’s a first time I’ve been as close to a mammal such as this, and been in charge of handling one as well. All went well, although I don’t think I’ll be temped to do it again soon. But an ok trip. Cold, though, and this morning I donned the long underwear for the first time this year. ~~~ Getting closer to Christmas. Have been working on a Christmas LEGO-diorama with the kid, which ends up pretty well. Thor will drop by on the 21st and we’ll get him settled as he unwinds from his Vienna-affaire. The Xmas-date with Claus of Aalborg lurks in the distance, look much forward hereto. Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.December 22nd, 2009.

Snow and ensuing chaos everywhere the state rail is concerned; find myself mentally prepared, though, having already fought through the December without catching the infamous flu, from which I was offered yet declined the new vaccine. Less shit in my system, I get enough of that already. Have been at work and yesterday too, despite the late time of the year yet I’d better save the holidays for February’s child-birth scenario. Got the last chores of the year sorted out – job-wise and personal-job wise – so now I’d rather do nothing but sleep my way through to the end of the year, so be frank. Thor has come to join us from his broken Vienna-relationship, which he seems to be taking in stride. So maybe babysitting three kids not his own wasn’t the thing, given my first and lingering impression of his ex I deem it no shame he got out. Thus the basement has a tenant once more. Speaking of which, was meant to have a beer with Dennis but he found himself with a handfull of stuff to do, so will probably delay until 2010. Never matter, we’ll be keeping in touch I’m sure. He seems to be doing very good, lots of work-related challenges coming his way, and a fair buck to go with his late hours. ~~~ End of the year nears, should commence some work on a conclusion. Will probably be very brief, a page or so, this year. Going up to Aalborg on the 27th, of which I’m looking much forward. ~~~ Tomorrow’s the 23rd, one last day at work and will then join everyone at V’s grandmother in Valby. Should prove a joyful occasion I’m sure. Christmas is by us in Soroe, this year. I’ll don the Santa costume and rediscover a commanding, booming voice. Recall near throwing up on our front door stairs last year, choking on a piece of the beard, merry memories. Am hoping for a quiet day.