Got on a train – first class, even – to Jutland. To visit with the folks and team up with Claus tomorrow Sunday, for our annual night on the town. ~~~ In the morning went to the baker with Thor, for rolls. Then got in the car to visit V’s family on Funen, specifically at a gathering by her mum’s brother Jens and his wife Annette. Although she sticks to her healing business, the latter has gotten somewhat less odd over the years, even turned into a rather delightful human resource. Certainly our darling girl took to her. I suppose with this dinner I found the christmas I was looking for; not too much work on my part (for I’ve found enough of that over the course of the year), people I can relate to in terms of conversation (business, politics, so on and so forth), a score of children with whom my daughter can interact. I enjoyed the day and left myself wondering why Christmas can’t be like this, instead of the meagre offering I found this year. Won’t go into details about it, safe to note it ended the day after in a grand argument between V and myself, probably the greatest feud we’ve had thus far, mostly instigated by yours truly in light of failed expectations of what Christmas should be like. I hadn’t anticipated the sheer amount of work involved, most of it mentally on my part. We drove to Copenhagen on the 23rd to visit V’s grandmother, and ’twas there my reluctance began, as V’s mum stuck to a dreary routine of engaging us all in a sing-song and a bingo-raffle and what not. Then the following day V presented a score of chores in lue of their visit with us in turn, meant a lof of redecorating, working in the kitchen, cleaning the house etc., of which I was also not mentally prepared. Basically I’d likely told myself I’d been slaving away enough throughout the year, now I wasn’t ready for this kind of Christmas. Lousy excuse for doing the silent routine and moping, but that’s where my mood brought me, and where the aforementioned argument came out of. I do think I had some valid points, though: I know Chrismas won’t be the easy-going affaire of my childhood, but sticking to a 10-point plan of first this, then this, then that, really that’s not doing the kind of good the initiator of the list intended. All that traditions weighs down on the event. Specifically spending hours on preparing food for only 6 people, two of whom – Kirstine and Henrik – on which the effort itself is kinda wasted, is ridiculous. Certainly spending an hour cleaning up afterwards, aiming to leave the kitchen sparkling clean, is downright stupid, when we should just leave it be until the day next and focus on having a good time on the evening which matters. I won’t be having a say in this for many years to come, alas. It’ll be the same dreary routine which will drag on, for neither V nor her mother would want to alter tradition, it means everything to them. “It’s how we’ve always done it”, if I had a dime for every time that line has come into effect. But, being fair and square, am I not too old to apply meaning to Christmas anymore? For different reasons the season to be merry has turned to shit for several years in a row, now, but more important than all else; Kirstine has had a good time. And that’s what truly matters, for Christmas is meant to be for kids, and she certainly had a blast this year as well, which was great. ~~~ This, having resolved our differences we split up, she to stay with her folks until monday, and myself to visit with mine. A bit snowy up here, so got a life from the station by sis and Thomas, en route to Malmoe and their skiing holiday, great chance to see them again, albeit briefly. And, as mentioned, tomorrow Sunday ’tis time to travel to Aalborg and meet Claus. Aim to blow several million brain-cells away, probably a lot of steam as well. It’s been a year of a lot of tension, hasn’t it. A lof of emotions come and gone, I always sort of had this date in mind, in the background, and now I’ll make the best use of it that I possibly can. Am hoping for a quiet day.