So, another evening on the Aalborg town came and went. And, yes, I felt like shit when I woke up – at nine, from having gone to bed at five – and still feel like shit now. So last year’s outing wasn’t a learning experience. Well, at least I didn’t lose money at the casino this year, actually came out a few hundred ahead. All invested in alchoholic beverages immediately thereafter, I’m afraid. Suffice to say it was a fun evening, involving lots of interesting talking, comparing cellphone-features, throwing up in a bar restroom (just me), nearly committing adultery (him) and glaring at titties galore at the nudie-bar. Had high hopes for the evening and they all came to be, so that’s grand. Although I don’t know how we’ll ever survive Vegas, that’s for sure. ~~~ Thankfully a quiet day. Some hours spent working on the website of the IT-business I plan to start up immediately after New Year’s eve. Farted like a horse throughout, the effect of shitface drinking I’m afraid, so for mum and dad’s sake kept mostly to myself. It’s good to be up here, this feels like the end of the year should feel like for one who’s worked his ass off during said twelve months. V will arrive in two days’ time, gives me ample space to work on that website and the year’s conclusion as well. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday, am hoping for a quiet day.