Watched an interesting youtube presentation by Peter Schiff, who advocates against Time Magazine’s choice of Ben Bernanke as their Person of the Year. I’m no economist, but I can appreciate his sentiment. Given the financial logic of my upbringing, I fail to see how the American National Bank has done else but delay a severe monetary crisis in a few years time by printing billions of dollars. It makes no sense at all, to avert a crisis by sending tons of money into the system and allow the state to increase its debts and its people to continue to spend and borrow to spend more. My money’s on a far worse crisis in the coming years. I do hope I’m wrong, of course, but I really can’t see it going otherwise. ~~~ A day spend working on the new web-site for the new IT-company I plan to start in the new year. Always a project going on, haven’t I. Put on mum’s boots in the evening and went for a walk in the snow. Not as bad as the news would have it. Of course no comparison at all to when I was a kid. I seem to recall being in a school bus which got stuck in the snow and had to wait for a tractor. Nowaways they close the schools when there’s just a few inches of snow. It’s a World shot to hell, I tell ya’. ~~~ So that’s my 2009. I can’t say I’ll have many memories from this year. What did I truly do with it? Work. I think for the first time in years there’re a few regrets, actually, though fortunately none too burdening for my conscience. I would’ve liked to have worked more on my creative writing, which I just never had the time for. Well, of course there was time. Bits and pieces of it, but apparently not enough as to mount a major attack. Being creative does require personal surplus, does it not, first and foremost some measure of conviction of ability, thereafter, though no less important, the sort of time which allows the creative process to travel freely. Means being able to relax and do the things one would like to do, time to get those distractions out of the way, and then when they are the creative spark will kick in. There hasn’t been this kind of preparatory time for me this year; there was always another gig, another email, another deadline. I was very glad when I put a stop to it, and began to turn down jobs in favor of a breather. Next year’s leave of absense from work will be a eye-opener as well, I remain hopeful – even though I’ll have to make up for lost income. ~~~ Friends-wise, a status quo. I stuck by those I have, and I’m happy to say they stuck by me. Despite my failings to appear on the various social network pages – Facebook, Twitter, etc. – I have not been left in the lurk(?). Maybe next year I’ll be able to see more of them, at least that’s the plan. Would make a good New Year’s Eve resolution. ~~~ Family-wise, a status qou, too. Chances are (!) I’ll be seeing more of Thor, seeming how he’s now occupying my basement a a full-time tenant. He’ll be furthering his education in the new year, and I’m glad he has chosen my house as a basis herefore. I merrily recall our regular meetings in Malmoe, and had secretly longed for their return. So, though I’m of course not thrilled his relationship has broken down, wherefore he finds himself in Denmark once again, I’m happy to have him close by. He’s a great guy, for whom one could only wish the very best. We’re likely to go into business together, even, so that’ll be a new experience as well. ~~~ I won’t be doing several pages in conclusion this year. The conclusion is that there’s no conclusion, not in my 2009 anyway. I began, or intensified, a number of things, neither of which I have yet seen to end. Long term investments, that’s what the year has been about. I should have enjoyed life a bit more; next year I plan to do so. Apart from the Formula 1-season I didn’t throw hours away in front of the television, and apart from this last night I haven’t been out on the town. The few times I’ve been to the movies have been in the company of my darling girl. Need I bring up more examples? The year, in short, sped along like a bullet, and I doubt I’ll have many memories from it. Enough said, really. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday, V and our girl arrives. Look forward to that. Am hoping for a quiet day.