First entry of the new year. Has been a quite start to it, thankfully, and I look even forward to more of the same. Was good to get back on the bicycle and out in the fresh air when moving to and fro the station, ’tis the only exercise I get. Yesterday took an evening out of the week and went to the movies with Dennis, saw ‘Avatar’ at the Cinemaxx theatre. I’d sworen I wouldn’t return there on account of their younger audience and their bad behaviour, but it alas also happened to be the only place where the screening was in true 3D. A first for me, and quite a peculiar – but spectacular – experience. You’d have flies buzzing in and out, great depth-perspective throughout the flick. Even the subtitles appeared as if they were left suspended in mid air. I should get V to go, she would be very impressed. I certainly was, and the movie itself isn’t bad, too. A new era of cinema, perhaps it is, the technology is sure to be refined over the coming years, look much forward to the offerings. ~~~ She got a lot of fretting from her mother, who apparently called to voice her anxieties about the birth, on how we would cope, how Kirstine would cope, how we would fare with Thor in the house etc. etc. So she got under her skin again, but hell, that’s what she gets, V, for calling her mother for an hour and a half one day, the very next one she’ll be the victim of her mother’s frets and fears – now that she’s been given the go-ahead to unload her emotions. She will always have that ability to make V appear like an insecure little girl again, I guess that’s her birth-right. I for one choose to look on the joyful side of being a dad again, it’s even a conscious choice. Of course there are doubts and fears, but if anything I’ve learned it’s that you can’t in this life be the decisive factor in everything, certainly not in the matter of life or death or dissability or longevity or any other God-like subject. I won’t care for all the what-ifs, they are too mind-bogglig, and to be frank down-right scary, I’d rather just focus on the tiny miracle that it is and take each day as it comes. So far everything is going to biological plan, the kid is growing normally, has a normal heartbeat and a normal spine and head and what have you, everything appears very normal indeed and that’s what we should all be focusing our attention to, and not those stupid what-ifs. With K it was a bit harder for me, it was a different ball-game altogether, but I do feel fully prepared now to take on this new baby and I don’t harbor a shadow of a doubt as to my own nor V’s abilities thus regarding. What any one else chooses to worry about falls beyond my scope of conduct. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am going with V to pick up a rug she purchased, used by still ticking in at some 1500 crowns. This should hopefully be the end of her shopping spree, and beyond the Christmas a return to normal. I’m still left pondering whether to impose a job on her, in a year or half a year’s time. Unsure if it’ll do her good or harm. Damn, why should I care so much, she’s a grown woman. Right? Fully capable of doing her own tax-returns…? Am hoping for a quiet day.