Hard to believe it’ll just be 3 weeks until my holiday begins, and then my maternity leave immediately following. The first half month of the year has just sped by. Haven’t had time, though, to look into some of those things I had wanted, because there were still stuff I needed to close up, left pending until the end of the year gone by. And it’s been damn cold, too, not the best climate in which to stay up late and work. I miss some hours of sunshine; would do my immuneous system well. The day has increased some half an hour over the night; at least, though the cold weather is relentless, there’s no fooling the sun above. ~~~ I can see the effect of how much time I have spent with Kirstine in how much of my persona she takes over. Most notoriously, the computer gaming. Some of the neighbour’s kids, I recall, expressed surprise in how she had her own computer, and it got me wondering why this is not the case with most kids her age. Anyways; I hope it puts her in a favorable position in a later time of her life. In regards to the personality traits, she opts herself to play the old computer games I installed on her machine (mainly the old Commodore Amiga titles I myself enjoyed the hell out of and which are freely available today), and she tends to the task with as much fevor as did I. Let’s just say I’m not sure informing her of the joystick’s sturdiness was such a brilliant idea; it sure takes a beating when her on-screen protagonist moves in a different pattern as the master of his fate intended. I try and guide her towards some game-titles which are educational in nature; this other evening spend a few hours playing with her a game in which she could draw geometrical figures and they would drop from where she drew them and physically behave in the same way as they would in real life. Anyways, next up, the Internet. Will be some years away, thankfully. ~~~ V attended a mini-seminar on the school – Pedersborg – where we’re trying to get K into. As we’re not entitled to a place there, as we’re outside of the school district, we’re dependend on good fortune, basically. It does sound like the prospect to go for, though I’m less fazed by the choices than V. I’m certain which ever school she’ll attend she’ll be fine. All of these things to a certain degree are matters of luck; will she be able to get along with the other kids, will the class have another kid who’ll dominate the rest, will she get a teacher who’s in the middle of a divorce and takes it out on the kids, all that stuff we can’t predict. A matter of ‘be careful what you wish for’-situation. Let’s see how it goes down, i’m not overly concerned. She’s a socially well-behaved and confident type of girl, she’ll do fine I’m sure. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.