Thursday. Still there’s snow everywhere. Riding on the train to and from the capital is a very white experience. The free newspapers are all about ski-holidays and such. I’ve gotten quite used to the climate as of now, so I can only be pleasently surprised when it turns. Surely it must, at some point. Have been tired in the mornings and late afternoons, wherefore I take naps on the train and when I get home. Thus I’m unable to sleep at nights. Here’s wishing I was 10 years the young, that wouldn’t be a problem. Have been out jogging with Thor, which is great, only the cold weather doesn’t take to him and otherwise, he gets sidesting(o)(?) often. His mathematics-class seems to no trouble to him as of yet, and Saturday he’ll be out drinking with his twin-brother, I’m hoping he’s fine on the inside as he portrays on the outside. V, well, with all that water in her body on account of the pregnancy, she’s finding her evenings to be… restless. Apparently her nerves are getting pinched, which is why she can’t keep them steady. Quite irritating to be with when that’s going on, but heck, that’s just another month. Still no signs of any kind of anxiety on my part; have I really overcome all that hell of some years back? Seems so long ago those nasty damn thoughts kept popping up. If you do what you fear, your fear will go away. Simple as that, really. K is great. One of her kindergarten-pedagogues recalled a funny episode of this other way, when our young one would move up to her and rather solemny(o) declare “you know, everybody likes me”. Revelation of a child, I found it to be both amusing and heartening at the same time. Yesterday we went tobacconing on the near-by hill; well, we actually ditched the sleighs in favor of skating down on our asses. And Sunday I’ll take her to the Geological Museum in Copenhagen; includes the promise of a teddy-bear and a piece of chokolate cake, even. So that’ll be fun, and decent timing, as V’s off to one of her girlfriend-sessions, last chance before the new kid’s birthday, the 17th. Or is it the 18th? I forget, though much to her dismay I’m perfectly able to recall March 14th as the first day of the new Formula-1 season. ~~~ Work is a bit of funny business, lately. Conflicting interests and power-struggles are slowly increasing, it seems, as my paternatity leave nears. I just hope my successor will be able to cope, and won’t be easily scared off. It’s rather amusing to be part of this set-up, yet not have anything invested in it; my personal sentiment is all for preparing for the holiday and subsequent leave. No doubt the fun will increase over time, this Lars Strange-guy seems ready to absolutely implode. Maybe he’s got some kind of M.O., I’m just concerned he’ll choke on it and have a heart-attack or something, he sure seems like a suitable candidate. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.