This Sunday last took our girl to the Geological Museum. May have been a tad too old for her taste, the exhibits, but it was nice to take her out and Thor joined us from his out-and-about with his twin-brother, Saturday. Goofed around a lot with the kid during our trip home, it wasn’t just the enourmous piece of chokolate cake she had that made her this kind of silly. At least he’s not as boring as yours truly, I reckon. ~~~ Lots of stuff to do at work and my own work, I’m not bored. A lot of effort goes into waiting for the 18th, of course, where V will go under the knife and our number two will pop out. Kicking and sreaming I’m sure. Can’t believe it’ll just be some 23 days. Such different circumstances this time, I still can’t get under this fact. V is a bit ’emotional’ of late, doesn’t take a lot to get those rivers of tears flowing. Being a bit immune, I’m afraid. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.