Snowy day. In the evening went out to get the cat, Ozzy, indoors, and he was running towards me half covered in snow. Usually he sort of resists when I pick him up, but not this day. He’s getting rather, well, fat; had better cut down on that canned food. Can’t blame any of them for wanting to say indoors as much as possible, this winther has dragged on and on. With all that frost, the snow stays behind as long as it can. A lot of white, a lot of dirt, hard to get around and not much fun on the commute. Have been working throughout the week, so not much time to rest curtesy of the state rail. Trying to wrap things up before the holiday, and subsequent paternity leave. Looking forward to it. Have been working a lot, so I guess I’ll kinda stumble into it, the holiday. Certainly trying to clean up stuff at work, handing over my assignments to others, takes time. ~~~ A lot of what-if’s coming up, I believe. What’s going to happen, when the smallest one arrives, what kind of state will he or she arrive in, what’s up with trying to sell my company, the scanning-gigs upcoming, so on and so forth. It’s hard to charge these things one day at a time, though that would be really cool if I could manage that, if just for a while. Afraid that’s not in the cards. ~~~ Bought a memory-card for the new Sony camera, now there’s room for some 954 high-resolution images of the new baby. Of course I’ll have to make her/him a book of images, as I did Kirstine. So six years beyond the birth of our first one, we’ve progressed from 1.3 to 10.1 megapixel. Whadda you know. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Will play the xbox with the kid, she’s quite into these Lego-games and it’s something for the two of us with all that snow outside and a weekend to pass. Will try to get outside, though, probably hit the hill with our sleighs. Now to bed, well tired. Am hoping for a quiet day.