It gets easier over time. Caring for a sick child, and feeling sympathy, not empathy. I used to cringe with every cough, now I’m past that. As she grows more resilient, I no longer feel the worry as bad as I did when she’d just arrived. All that worrying. You live and learn, don’t you, and yesterday’s headache is tomorrow’s day fulfilled. I won’t worry as much about the next one, indeed none of the anxiety symptomes which led me to the first follow me now, not in the slightest bit. I conclude I was not in the slightest way ready for the first, but learned how to deal and emerged the wiser. I have no doubt the second child will benefit immensely, which is hopefully not concluding the first one will feel like missing out. She’s caught a fever, though it seems to go away now, thankfully. Coughing through the night, she’ll get to day four or five before she’s up and about. Ah well, has been ages and ages since she last came down with something. In moments of her feeling better we play the Lego-games on the xbox. That’ll forever be my mark on her, the computer-games. Hell, better this than any kind of inactive entertainment such as films or television, at least here she play a part, and the setup is of games featuring logical problems to be solved, which is cool. Daddy’s girl. ~~~ Three days left of the working week, until the beginning of my vacation, leading up to the birth and subsequent paternity leave, three months. As long as while as anything I can dream of just this instance, where I’m about to go to bed after shoveling snow for half an hour. A bit of workout, and I do anticipate a better weather ahead. Just can’t shake the season, worst winther in recent memory. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.